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Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

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57.00 € adults
28.50 € children (3-12)

 0-2 years free

Price:0.00 €
  • Type of activity

    Catamaran excursions and tours

  • Excursion and activities duration

    Full day excursion

  • Avaliability

    from May to October

  • Languages available

    German, Spanish, Catalan, English

  • Departure days

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

A Catamaran trip in the bay of Palma de Mallorca that all sea lovers cannot miss! Transfer and lunch included.

Basic information

If the dates chosen are not available, we do have another excursion on a catamaran, with a the same beautiful itinerary and:

  • Cheaper price: 8€ less

  • Drinks (soft drinks and water) included all day

  • Better feedback from our clients


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What do we do on our Mallorca Magic catamaran excursion?

This catamaran excursion allows us to discover the Bay of Palma and to enjoy a wonderful day at sea aboard a modern catamaran. The catamaran excursion starts by picking you up at your hotel or a point nearby to take you to the port of Palma, which is where the Mallorca Magic Catamaran sails from.


The excursion by catamaran sails close to the Bay of Palma passing marvellous beaches and coves, such as: Puerto Portals, Cala Mayor or Illetas, making a stop for snorkelling at the beach of Portals Vells. The snorkelling equipment is provided onboard and is free for you to use.


Lunch is included on the Mallorca Magic Catamaran, and the menu consists of barbecued meat (sausages and chicken), a variety of salads, bread and cake. During lunch, water and sangria are free onboard the Mallorca Magic Catamaran.


The excursion on the Mallorca Magic Catamaran lasts 5 hours and then clients are taken back to their hotels.


What is included in the price of the Mallorca Magic catamaran excursion ?

The catamaran excursion in Palma de Mallorca includes return transport by air-conditioned coach, the trip on the catamaran, lunch with drinks, use of snorkelling equipment and insurance.


Transport to the catamaran is available from Arenal, Can Pastilla, and from between Cala Mayor and Camp de Mar. Not included the transport for clients from the South area.


Additional information

A few reasons to book your excursion Mallorca Magic catamaran excursion at

No queues, no waiting, no worries, no nasty surprises to discover there aren’t any places available on catamaran. Get all the excursion information and get everything well-planned.


Children under 6 are free!


Book your excursion Mallorca catamaran excursion, print your ticket, get on the catamaran and enjoy an unforgettable day in Mallorca. It’s that easy with


Approximate timetable of the Mallorca Magic catamaran excursion:

The catamaran excursion in Palma de Mallorca sails twice a day: morning 10:00-15:00 – afternoon 15:30-20:30.


Please indicate your preferred timetable at the time of booking.


Pick up point for the Mallorca Magic catamaran excursion:

The pick-up point and time is confirmed to you after you have made your booking for the catamaran excursion in Palma.


You will be picked up at your hotel or a nearby meeting point.


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Customer reviews for Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran:

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  • 15
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    Talk about a money spinning event, 90 people jammed on a 23 metre, 15 year old piece of junk. I spent 147 Euros for my family of 4 to motor sail half a mile to a bay, have to pay for my drinks, i.e. 3.50 for a plastic glass of wine. Then queue for a mildly offering of bbq, i.e. cheap chicken and pastas. The only free drinks was Sangria and water only offered for free during the meal time. Felt like prison rules, (NOT THAT I HAVE BEEN TO,PRISON, HONESTLY!). We left 30 minutes late because we had to wait for a bus transfer, so in essence,I was early not to inconvenience other passengers so I stood waiting for an hour before we were allowed to board and eventually sit. We, after said lunch, sailed to another bay where we had 30 minutes to swim and snortel like trained monkeys before returning to harbour. The owners of this boat are taking 9000 euros a day, surely some respect can be awarded to the tourists who are paying this ridiculous fee for in return us travellers can receive some Majorican respect, 9000 euros a day is 63,000 euros a week, even the crew are dissallusioned. Ho hum never again, be warned!

  • 15
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    While the staff was very friendly and the drinks not bad, it's not worth your money unless you've never been on a catamaran before. We did the tour from Palma to Es Trenc. We'd recommend you pay for the cheaper bus ride to es Trenc and spend the day. The food was NOT good on the boat (staff tried though) and the scenic views promised were nowhere near as great as they sounded. Overall - save your money.

  • 15
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    Nous avons surtout navigué avec les moteurs et vraiment très peu avec les voiles (les moteurs continuaient a tourner en même temps !!!) Nous nous sommes arrêtés 2 fois pour nous baigner, l'eau transparente mais pas un seul poisson aux alentours que du sable !!! Repas a 18h !!! Cassant pas 3 pattes a un canard !!! Bref nous qui en avions un super souvenir a Maurice, avons été super déçus a Majorque

  • 15
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    What a joke. Magic money spinner more like. This was truly the worst trip of it's type we have ever been on. It turned out to be a test of endurance. After a very long transfer we eventually set off at 3.40pm for an afternoon trip. It turned out to be an evening trip getting back just before nightfall when it was quite cold. We eventually got back to our hotel at almost 10.00pm. The trip it self involved a short sail to a beach where we stopped for about half an hour or so for swimming. There was then another short sail, which I am convinced was going round in circles. We then stopped again but this time for about 2 hours. The bar was a cash bar, which was a surprise given the high cost of the trip. The Bar-b-q was very basic, small piece of chicken, a small sausage with salad bits, but hey, we got a free sangria! Very small glass but free. The music on this trip was a constant loud thumping of Ibiza type club music. For the group of about a dozen young people on the boat that was great, but for the other passengers who were in the main middle aged a real pain. I wonder if it was the fact that they were spending lots of money at the bar had something to do with keeping them happy, and spending? On the subject of money, this is an expensive outing and not worth half of what you pay.

  • 25
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    Haben im Juli 2014 einen solchen Ausflug gebucht (3 Erw. + 1 Kind). Die An-und Abreisehaben gut geklappt, das Mittagessen und die Zeit zum baden und tauchen waren sehr schön. Aber: Warum buche ich einen Katamaran und nicht einfach eine Bootstour? Weil ich während der gesamten Fahrt auf den Netzen sitzen und die Fahrt genießen möchte. Aber leider war das bei dieser Fahrt nicht möglich. Die Netze waren bei der Hin-und Rückfahrt gesperrt. Es durfte sich keiner dort während der eigentlichen Fahrt aufhalten. Alle Personen mussten sich vor den Netzen aufhalten. Auf Nachfrage wurde das damit begründet, dass der Betreiber keine Erlaubnis habe, dass sich Personen während der Fahrt dort aufhalten. Bei mir und bei allen anderen große Fragezeichen?????? Ich habe Katamaranfahrten auf Ibiza, auf Cran Canaria und in Bulgarien gebucht und durchgeführt. Bei jeder Fahrt durften wir uns von Anfang an in den Netzen aufhalten (das macht ja gerade der Reiz einer solchen Fahrt aus). Aber hier leider Fehlanzeige. Hätte ich das vorher gewußt, hätte ich diese Tour niemals gebucht. Auf den Werbefleyern oder bei der Buchung wurde nicht darauf hingewiesen. Deshalb nur 2 Sterne.

  • 35
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    Wir haben am 25.06.2014 eine Tour mit dem Magic Katamaran unternommen. Die Vorbereitung und Kommunikation war wirklich klasse - auch die Abholung mit dem Transferbus funktionierte einwandfrei. Es gab leider einen Zeitverzug, so dass wir erst ca. eine halbe Stunde später auf dem Katamaran waren. Der Katamaran war sehr voll, man saß sehr beengt und hatte nicht die Möglichkeit sich auch mal hinzulegen. Die Bucht die wir angesteuert hatten, war leider enttäuschend. Kein schönes, blaues Wasser - nur wenige (graue) Fische. Zum schorcheln gab es dort gar nichts zu sehen. Den Kapitän darauf angesprochen, meinte dieser, "Saftey first", es wäre zu windig als zu einer schöneren Bucht zu fahren. Das muss man natürlich und erst einmal glauben und wenn dies so ist, dann soll die Sicherheit natürlich an erster Stelle stehen. Aber ein schöner Stopp war dies wirklich nicht. Ich hatte mein Schorcheleqipment (Maske, Schnorchel, Flossen) dabei, das war auch gut so. Man konnte auf dem Katamarn nämlich nur Maske und Schnorchel leihen - Flossen gab es keine. Für Personen, die nicht so ausdauernd schwimmen können - weniger hilfreich. Das Essen an Board war sehr gut und absolut ausreichend. Wenn zum Kuchen noch eine Tasse Kaffee gereicht worden wäre, wäre die Verpflegung optimal gewesen. Die Rückfahrt war wieder unter Motor, das Katamaran-Segel wurde wieder eingezogen. Auf der Rückfahrt gabe es noch mal eine Fahrt nahe an der Kathedrale in Palma vorbei und durch den Yachthafen. Das war ganz nett. Fazit: Ein paar weniger Personen auf dem Schiff wäre toll, so dass man sich auch ein bisschen freier bewegen kann und nicht die ganze Zeit so beengt sitzt. Die Bucht, die angesteuert wird, sollte sich auch lohnen zum schnorcheln.....unsere angefahrene Bucht war es leider nicht. We took a tour with the Magic Catamaran on 06/25/2014. The preparation and communication was really great - even the pickup with the shuttle bus worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, there was a delay, so we were about half an hour later on the catamaran. The catamaran was very crowded, we sat very cramped and did not have the opportunity to lie down sometimes. The bay we had driven, was unfortunately disappointing. Not a nice, blue water - only a few (gray) fish. For snorkelling there was nothing to see. I asked the captain about this and he answerd: "Saftey First" and it would be too windy to sail in a more beautiful bay. Naturally the security should come first. But a nice stop this really was not. I have had my own eqipment for snorkeling (mask, snorkel, fins) and that was a good thing. You could borrow only mask and snorkel on the Catamarn - there were no fins. For people who can not swim so persistent - less useful. The food on board was very good and perfectly adequate. If there would given a cup of coffee while cake was served, the food would have been optimal. The return trip was back under motor, catamaran sailing was recovered. On the way back we drove close to the Cathedral in Palma over the marina. That was quite nice. Conclusion: A few less people on the ship would be great, so that you also can move and do not sitting so cramped all the time. The bay, for the snorkeling and swimming-stop, should also be magnificent..... our stop wasn't.

  • 45
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    so good everthing so good the people the crew the captain the music the water So nice lovely food friend-ly friend-ly crew with all of us till the end beautifull day to take it again again and again always in Mallorca don`t miss it if you can.

  • 55
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    hoy he ido con el catamaran y todo ha sido genial, la tripulacion un 10

  • 55
    Catamaran trip Mallorca - Magic Catamaran

    We made this trip from Colonia St. Jordi with the children (11 and 13). It's great. The bbq is good; the best trip we ever made on Mallorca. We'll do it again next year!

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