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Ausflüge für junge Leute

Ausflüge für junge Leute

Finden Sie die Aktivität, die am besten zu Ihrem Plan passt

In ClickMallorca haben wir eine Auswahl mit verschiedenen Aktivitäten und Ausflügen auf Mallorca für junge Leute, ob Paare, Gruppen oder Singles, zusammengestellt, damit sie die Insel genießen können. Es gibt eine Vielzahl einzigartiger Erlebnisse, von Boots- und Katamaranausflügen über Wasseraktivitäten bis hin zu Multi-Abenteuer. Schauen Sie sich alle unsere Ausflüge für junge Leute an und finden Sie heraus, was am besten zu Ihrem Plan passt.

Die beste Ausflüge und Touren in Mallorca Für junge Leute

Typ / Aktivität



Dauer des Ausflugs oder der Aktivität:

  • 0

    Katamaran auf Mallorca in Pollensa

    Inklusive Essen
    Ab 56.00 56,00
  • 1

    Der beste Ausflug von Mallorca: Soller und La Calobra

    Beliebte Aktivität
    Ab 64.00 64,00
  • 2

    Bootstour nach Cabrera Inseln mit Rabattgutschein

    Exklusiv nur mit uns
    Ab 47.00 47,00
    Morgen verfügbar
  • 3

    All inclusive Katamaran in Mallorca

    Exklusiv für max 12 Personen
    Ab 80.00 80,00
  • 4

    Drachenhöhle Mallorca

    Ab 37.00 37,00
  • 5

    Heißluftballon Fahrt auf Mallorca

    Ab 150.00 150,00
  • 6

    Bootstour nach Es Coll Baix und Cap Formentor mit Schnorcheln

    Exklusiv für max 8 Personen
    Ab 45.00 45,00
  • 7

    Wakeboard Aktivität auf Mallorca

    Private Tour nur für ihre Gruppe
    Ab 35.00 35,00
    Morgen verfügbar
  • 8

    Ausflug Reiten auf Mallorca am Strand

    Ab 50.00 50,00
    Morgen verfügbar
  • 9

    Stan-Up-Paddling und Meereshöhlen auf Mallorca

    Ab 50.00 50,00
    Morgen verfügbar

Things to do in Mallorca for Young People

We have a wide range of activities and tours for fun-loving people in Mallorca. We have especially designed this page with young adults in mind, who maybe want to do something different, discover Mallorca's Nightlife or join an adventure.

Mallorca Adventure Tours

Some of the most popular activities in Mallorca are those based on adventure. Who doesn't wish to glide through the trees on a zipline or take part in a coast-trekking, kayaking, cliff-jumping contest? There are adventures in Mallorca for every budget and for all abilities. Don't miss the Jungle Parc adventure circuits or The Challenge adventure tour which takes place in Alcudia.

Stand-up Paddle, Kayaking and other Sea Adventures

Get your watersports mindset on because in Mallorca there are a million fun ways to enjoy playing in the sea. Didn't you ever do parasailing or banana boat when you were a kid? Well now's your chance; it's never too late. Wizz through the sea or the air tied to the back of a speed boat with the music turned up loud and the screams of pleasure even louder! Or have a laugh with your friends on our stand up paddle or kayaking activities. See who can stay on without falling into the sea for the longest.

Booze Cruises and Catamaran Trips

Whether you want to lie back and chill on a catamaran tour after a night's heavy partying or you want to turn the heat up on one of the party boat trips, we have what you are looking for and everything in between. Perhaps you can do both... Set sail on a sailing catamaran on a tour with lunch and snorkelling included; relax on the nets as you take in the extraordinary views of Mallorca's stunning coastline. Later, as the sun goes down, make your way back to the harbour ready to board one of the best party boats in the Mediterranean, with DJ music, dancing and drinks onboard. Make sure you get your boat tickets in advance for the best prices and reserved places, as these tours are very popular.

Adrenaline Trips for Young People in Mallorca

We have more adrenaline options in Mallorca than you have days of holiday so choose wisely: do you want to feel the breeze in your hair as you gently fly over the gorgeous countryside and coastline in a hot air balloon? Or do you want to step up the pace in the air and join a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter ride? Perhaps you think you can give the racing car drivers a run for their money on our exclusive Formula 1 experience (where you actually get to drive the car). Or maybe you are up for the Crazy Shark adrenaline speed boat trip, bouncing across the waves at high speed.

Cheap Water Park Tickets

No visit to Mallorca is complete without a visit to one of its water parks. In Mallorca we have some of the biggest water parks in Europe and some of the fastest and biggest slides. Will you brave The Beast at Western Park - Mallorca's highest kamikaze drop at 30 metres? Or will you choose Aqualand's Tsunami or Tornado? Perhaps you are the wimp of the group who prefers to mosey around on the lazy river! Whichever your preference, we have water park tickets cheaper than door prices and we also arrange ticket+transport packages from most resorts.

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