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Katamaran Tour in Alcudia

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Erwachsene 58,00
| Kind 29,00

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Katamaran Tour in Alcudia 58,00 29,00 €


58,00 Erwachsene
29,00 Kind (3-12)

 0-2 Jahre Alt Kostenlos

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Erleben Sie eine Tour auf einem modernen Katamaran in der Bucht von Alcudia. Relaxen Sie in der Sonne, während Ihnen die Schönsten Orte der Küste gezeigt werden. Das Meer mal anders genießen!
Nutzen Sie die zahlreichen Stopps zum Schwimmen und Schnorcheln im kristallklaren Wasser Alcudias.

Information über die Katamaran Tour in Alcudia:

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Bewertungen des Katamaran Tour in Alcudia::

10 Kundenbewertungen über den Ausflug Katamaran Tour in Alcudia zeigen

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    8 people in our group did this catamaran tour last week and we all had a fab time. Excellent value for money, food was really nice. The staff were really helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this trip if you fancy a good day out.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    The views from the catamaran where beautiful. Also the breeze while on the boat was very enjoyable as it was very hot the day we went on the excursion! We spent the day lazing around on the nets but there’s all sort of activities you can take part in

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    What a great day out! We were looking for a full day out in the sea and this didn’t disappoint. The barbecue was excellent and there was plenty of food! The kids loved going out on the kayacs!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Fabuloso catamaran en Alcudia! Tuvimos mucha suerte con el tiempo, y que al ser temporada baja aún no había muchos clientes, apenas eramos 40 pasajeros, con lo que disfrutamos mucho del catamaran. Hacen paradas en calitas, puedes hacer snorkel y kayak y la tripulación es super maja. Gracias

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Took this two hour trip at lunch time and it was great. The boat, a catamaran did four stops in the Bay picking up other travellers and we then headed north past the Port D'Alcudia and the Alcanada headland. There were some very impressive cliffs and rock formations and we ended up in a superb cove where swimming was allowed for twenty minutes - against my religion so I didn't partake (only joking about the religion thing - I can't swim!) Then back for drop off at the Port - all very leisurely but a bit of prerecorded commentary would have helped. Highlight for me was when we arrived at the cove for swimming, the captain announced that swimmers could get in to sea via steps at the "backside" of the boat! Stern I have heard of, this is new to me!!! Worth a try

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Myself , my boyfriend and our two friends who are also a couple went on the catamaran trip which was 5 hours long. We set off at 9.30am from one of the little docks at playa de muro beach and picked acouple of people up on the way to the main harbour to then change to a larger boat and we then set off at 10am ish for the 5 hour trip. We arrived back at the large harbour at about 3pm ish. We them changed boat again to travel back to where we started which was good as we didn't have to walk all the way back along the beach. The whole trip included travelling across the coast , deep sea swimming , snorkelling , kayaking , paddle boarding and a barbecue all included in the package. We all really enjoyed ourselves when it came down the the swimming and jumping off the boat! I wouldn't rate the barbecue as anything amazing but I'm picky when it comes to food the others seemed to think it was okay... It was basically pasta , chicken , a hotdog sausage , and some sort of beef all put on a plate with a bread bun... you also got a drink and a slice of watermelon, the watermelon was really nice! Don't get me wrong it's good value for money but bring a picnic if you want something more suited to your own taste. The crew were all nice and one man in particular was very entertaining. Also the lady who stood at the dock at the playa de muro beach was extremely lovely she was really welcoming and gave us abit more information on where we are going and what we can do. Only thing I could really fault would be some of the other passengers but you can't blame the company for them. Some where just really rude and space invading others really rowdy and loud. Over all loved the swimming , snorkelling , seeing all the lovely views of the cliffs and the little beaches , also really enjoyed sunbathing on the way back the weather was just gorgeous! So thank you for a lovely afternoon! X

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    We really enjoyed this catamaran trip, would have enjoyed less people but hey the sea was incredible, the staff amazing with a great sense of humour. We stopped 3 times and my family swam while I soaked up my vit D. We were there for nearly 5.5 hrs and we were all happy. Bbq good and generous with everything. Thanks guys.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Had a great time on the huge, spacious catamaran Anacaona. The sea was calm and the views were marvellous. We stopped at Es Coll Baix, Cala den Gossalba and Aucanada. Snorkelling gear was available on the boat (though, seriously, take you own - who wants to put a tube in their mouth that's been bitten by someone else?) as were canoes, standup paddle boards and a floating sunbathe raft for those who wanted to be in the water. The small net area was nice for relaxing on, but if you can't get on the nets, the cushioned benches do just fine. Lunch was basic but plentiful, and the crew was great. The highlight of the day was when the captain and his girlfriend climbed the rocks where we were anchored and then leapt into the water far below. No one else attempted it! Sailing back with the sails up was a very nice feeling.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Un experiencia fantástica y divertida! Es una forma estupenda para ver bonitos paisajes y conocer parte de la costa de Mallorca. El cataramarán es genial, nunca había subido a uno de ese tamaño y me encantó, con comida y todo. Además habita canoas para poder ir a tu aire un rato. genial!!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    This July my family and I took the "Catamaran under sail"day out. Our family range from 79 years old to 11!! We had a fantastic day. We had the time to go snorkelling,swimming and had the use of their kayaks and life is costly but we think it was worth it.. We enjoyed a great lunch consisting of Steak, chicken,pasta and Frankfurt sausages. There is a bar on board. The boat was quite packed but this is be expected during peak times. Tip...plenty of sunscreen!!The crew were fun and experienced. Great day had by all. Thankyou.

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