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Mallorca Caves

Mallorca Caves

Instant Entrance Tickets to the caves in Mallorca at the best prices

Discover the hidden wonders beneath Mallorca's surface as we unveil the enchanting world of its captivating caves.  At click-Mallorca we have tickets to the best caves in Mallorca, with instant tickets and tours to enjoy all the best grottos and caverns that Mallorca offers.

Below you will find a list of the best caves in Mallorca, by clicking on the title of each activity, you will have all the information, and you can book online.

Caves in Mallorca: tickets and tours

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List of caves to visit in Mallorca

Here is a list of the different caves in Mallorca that you can visit with us:

The Caves of Drach: The Biggest and Most Famous Cave in Mallorca

Located near Porto Cristo are the most visited caves in Mallorca, and even in Europe: The Caves of Drach. Your visit lasts about 80 minutes and includes a marked tour inside the caves, a classical music concert at Lake Martel and a boat trip around the lake. The visit to the Caves of Drach in Mallorca will leave you stunned at the true majesty of nature. If you haven't visited any of Mallorca's caves, then this is definitely the place to start.

One of the best options to visit the Caves of Drach is with an organized excursion since it includes the entry ticket, roundtrip bus service from your accommodation and guide. In this way you save time in queues to acquire your ticket and you don't have to worry about finding your way or parking. On our Caves of Drach tours, you are always accompanied by an official guide from Mallorca who will give you important information about the Mallorca caves and about the island in general.

The Caves of Hams in Porto Cristo:

Also located in Porto Cristo, and near the Cuevas del Drach, the Caves of Hams are another popular tourist attraction, which in many cases is combined with a visit to Porto Cristo and a cove in the east of Mallorca.

As a curiosity, its name comes from some rooms where we find formations of stalactites that remind us of hooks, and the word Hams translated into Spanish means hook. The visit inside the grotto takes you through 12 different rooms, and a musical show is offered by the underground lake of Venice.

The Caves of Campanet: A little-known delight in the north of Mallorca

These Mallorca caves are not as crowded as the previous ones mentioned, as they are not as well-known. The Caves of Campanet are a place of great beauty, and they are located in a unique place, the valley of Sant Miquel, at the foot of the Sierra de la Tramuntana. Near the caves, we find Ses Fonts ufanes, which are an excellent complement to the visit to the caves, as is the quaint village of Campanet, where the caves get their name from.

The entrance ticket to the Caves of Campanet includes a guided tour inside the caves. Accompanied by a guide you will tour the best rooms of the cavern and you will learn about the origin of the cave, the formation of stalactites and stalagmites, and many other details of interest.

The Caves of Arta: A truly breathtaking day out in Mallorca

Near the tourist resorts of Canyamel, Cala Millor and Cala Ratjada we find the Caves of Arta. Located at the edge of the sea and open all year round, they offer guided tours of their interior in small groups to discover an underground world which is a marvel to its visitors. The visits to the Caves of Arta are in small groups, and you will get to know about their history and the particular name given to some rooms, such as the Hall of Flags, Purgatory or Hell!

Its exit, through a small passageway and some stairs with impressive views of the sea, makes visiting these caves in Mallorca an experience that you will not forget.

The Caves of Genova: Mallorca's least visited caves

The Caves of Genova are one of the least known caves in Mallorca, despite being located near Palma, and they are very easy to reach by public transport.

Discovered by accident in 1906, when a well was built on their land, they are a set of connected galleries and rooms and with a great variety of rock formations. With your entrance ticket to the caves, you make a visit in small groups of maximum 30 people, and in a very didactic way they go through the different parts of the cave. Outside you have an interesting restaurant, with an extensive menu specializing in Mallorcan food.

Marine caves around Mallorca's Coast:

Don't forget that not all Mallorca's caves are on land! We can find many Mallorca caves underwater. There is a saying in Mallorca relating to the large number of underwater caves that the island is like a Gruyere cheese! In that sense, we find a large number of sea caves in Mallorca, and some of them can be visited on our excursions, such as the Cave dels Coloms. Also in our excursion "the challenge" in the north of Mallorca we visit a marine cave and we swim inside to explore it.

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