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Mallorca nightlife and evening shows

Mallorca nightlife and evening shows

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There are plenty of things to do in Mallorca in the evening, such as nightlife, dinners and shows. Just because the sun has set, it doesn't mean that the fun has to end. Here we present to you our evening activities in Mallorca where you can book to see the world famous Son Amar show with its fantastic cabaret acts or see the swashbuckling Pirates Adventure Show, both with dinner included. We have other evening and nightlife options too, so take a look below.

The best excursions and tours from Mallorca nightlife

Type of activity

Departure days:

Price range (per adult):

Excursion and activities duration:

  • 0

    Pirates Show Magaluf Discount Ticket

    from 47.00 47.00
  • 1

    Son Amar Show Mallorca

    Includes food
    from 59.00 59.00
  • 2

    Vampirika show Son Amar Tickets

    from 58.50 58.50
  • 3

    10% discounted Ticket Pirates Reloaded - Quarter Deck

    from 45.00 45.00
  • 4

    Ticket Pirates Reloaded - July And August main deck

    from 44.10 44.10
  • 5

    Ticket Pirates Reloaded - CAPTAIN TABLE

    Popular activity
    from 63.00 63.00
  • 6

    Ticket VIP Pirates Captain's Table

    from 76.00 76.00
  • 7

    Son Amar Mallorca - VIP ticket

    Includes food
    from 149.00 149.00
  • 8

    Ticket Son Amar Show Mallorca - Platinum

    Includes food
    from 86.00 86.00
  • 9

    Pirates Magaluf Quarter Deck Ticket

    from 57.00 57.00

Evening Dinner Shows in Mallorca

If you are looking for something to do in the evening while in Mallorca we have plenty of options for you to enjoy the island’s nightlife

There are two highly rated and long-running evening shows in Mallorca Son Amar and Pirates Adventure, both with dinner and drinks included and both with the possiblilty of transport included so you don't have to worry about getting there. Both Son Amar and Pirates Adventure have options for families and adults-only shows.

Pirates Adventure Show Mallorca 

Without a doubt Pirates show is one of the most famous and recommended evening attractions. Pirates Adventure show takes place in Magaluf and the indoor venue recreates a pirate’s scene which even has a replica of the La Española boat. It is a show not to be missed for families in Mallorca that will amaze both adults and children: acrobats, break-dancers, ballerinas and a little giggle too.

There’s also the possibility to see the show with an only adults twist. Pirates Reloaded, also in the Magaluf venue, is the same show only with raunchier dancing and jokes. If you are looking to spend a memorable night in Mallorca this will most definitely be the highlight of your holiday! 

Son Amar Tickets

Another exceptional show in Mallorca is Son Amar. Going to watch this spectacle results in a night of fine dining and entertainment in which you will be left stunned by all the acts. The show is suitable for both families and couples thanks to the diversity of what takes place on its stage. Son Amar will transport you all over the world with its international styles of both traditional and modern music and dancing paying a special dedication to flamenco.

If you want the ranchier adults-only version, look for Son Amar's Vampirika show.

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