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Excursions in Winter in Mallorca

Things to do in winter in Majorca

Unmisseable winter activities and tips

Escape to Mallorca's serene beauty during winter, where the island's charm takes on a quieter yet equally enchanting allure. From wine tasting tours to horse riding along coastal paths, Mallorca in winter offers a wide range of activities.


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Mallorca in Winter: excursions, activities and things to do

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Mallorca in Winter guide with useful tips

The tourist season in Mallorca usually runs from April to October, so during the winter months, a lot of tourist attractions are closed, such as water parks, Marineland, Katmandu Park… And even boat and catamaran tours are unavailable. Many toursit resorts close down altogether in winter, but you will find many more things to do in Palma during the winter months. Here are some suggestions about what to do around the island:

Is Majorca a good winter destination?

The temperatures in winter are pleasant and don’t match the cold of other European countries. Even with averages of more than 10 degrees, it is still the coldest season of the year. There may be rainy days in winter and it’s is also when there is the possibility of snow. The winter conditions are perfect for taking part in a hiking activity, such as the one we have on the web, which takes us over the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains to discover the pretty village of Banyalbufar.

Is it worth it to go to Mallorca in December?

Absolutely! While the peak tourist season in Mallorca is during the summer, December offers a unique and charming experience on the island. During this time of year, the island is less crowded, meaning you can enjoy the beaches and landscapes with more tranquility. Additionally, Mallorca has a plethora of events and festivities in December, such as the Christmas market in Palma, where you can try delicious traditional sweets and buy unique Christmas decorations. Last but not least, prices are considerably lower in this season, meaning you can enjoy everything that Mallorca has to offer at a more affordable cost. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful island of Mallorca in December!

What to do in Mallorca in January

While it's low season for tourism, Mallorca still offers plenty of entertainment and activity options during January. If you're a nature lover, the S'Albufera Natural Park is an ideal place to enjoy the island's natural beauty. You can also explore the many towns and cities in Mallorca, such as Valldemossa and Sóller, which have a unique charm in any season. Additionally, in January there are several religious festivities celebrated, such as the Sant Antoni Festival, where you can enjoy bonfires, music, and traditional food. And of course, you can't miss the opportunity to try delicious Mallorcan cuisine, such as frito mallorquín or sobrasada.

Is Mallorca warm in February?

While February is still considered part of the winter season, Mallorca does tend to have relatively mild temperatures during this time of year. The average temperature in February is around 14°C (57°F), with highs around 16°C (61°F) and lows around 10°C (50°F). While you may need to pack some warm clothing for cooler evenings, the weather is generally pleasant during the daytime and allows for outdoor activities. Additionally, February is a great time to enjoy the island without the crowds that come with the peak summer season. Whether you want to explore historic sites, relax on the beach, or indulge in the delicious local cuisine, Mallorca has plenty to offer in February.

Palma de Mallorca in 2-3 days in winter

The capital of Mallorca, Palma, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. In winter there are plenty of activities available in Palma. You can take a guided tour of the old town, whether it’s a Free Tour or on a night walk. You can take the hop on hop off bus that will take you around the principal monuments and attractions of the city, such as the Bellver Castle, the Joan Miro Musuem or the Pueblo Español. All this without forgetting a visit to Palma Cathedral.

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