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Tours and Activities with Children in Mallorca

The best Mallorca activities for families with kids in Mallorca

We have numerous tours, activities and excursions for families with children froom all different areas of Mallorca. we have all the best options for families visiting or living on the island of Mallorca. Below you can see our best selection of tours and activities that we know that children love or which are specifically aimed at children on holiday in Mallorca.

The best excursions and tours from Family fun

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Things to do with Children in Mallorca

Mallorca is an island which is 100% prepared to welcome families that would like to enjoy their holidays to the fullest by living unforgettable experiences. Its leisure possibilities are numerous and one of the things that makes the island so special is the fact that it offers both activities that take place in the sea and in the mountain.

Beach and sea excursions for families in Mallorca

Enjoy a family day in Mallorca’s beaches or sailing around the island in its crystal clear waters: There is a wide range of excursions by boat to discover the Mallorcan coast where you can come upon caves, coves, spectacular cliffs and places that can only be seen from the sea. Most of the tours include stops in which you can swim in typical Mediterranean turquoise crystal clear waters. The most adventurous families have the possibility to go on kayak excursions that require no experience or even go dolphin watching.

Sightseeing and nature excursions that are ideal for children

Make the most out of our beloved Tramuntana Mountain Range which has UNESCO World Heritage Status by taking part in mountain excursions: Mallorca is an ideal destination no matter what season it is as you can go on excursions in the mountain as a family following routes that have been designed to suit all ages. Especially for children there is also adventure parks where they can go from tree to tree in the heart of forests thanks to itineraries that include exciting zip wires.

Water parks and activities

Experience the great variety of theme parks offered in Mallorca with a wide range of attractions. Have you been to Palma Aquarium? It has the biggest shark aquarium in the whole of Europe. You could also visit Katmandu Park and experience movies like you have never enjoyed them before it its 4D rooms or have a game of mini golf in their jungle-themed course. In summer you also have the chance to choose between various water parks with incredible slides and wave pools.

A special mention must be made of the Pirates Adventure Show, one of the most successful and long running spectacles thanks to its fascinating production.

In short, the island has a great load to offer to be enjoyed as a family which can make your family’s stay in Mallorca an unforgettable experience.

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