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The best food and wine tours in Mallorca

The best food and wine tours in Mallorca

Experience Mallorcas local cuisine for the best price

Mallorca has a rich wine and gastronomy culture and now that foodie tours and wine tours are popular, it is time the world discovered what gastronomic delights this Mediterranean Island has to offer. The tours we have selected here are your opportunity to experience typical food and wine in Mallorca, including some hands-on experiences where you get to prepare dishes yourself or assist the wine-maker.

The best excursions and tours from Wine and food tours

Type of activity

Departure days:

Price range (per adult):

Excursion and activities duration:

  • 0

    Food Tour Palma Mallorca: 3 hours with tastings

    Includes food
    from 45.00 45.00
  • 1

    Cooking Course in Mallorca with dinner and drinks

    from 70.00 70.00
    Available tomorrow
  • 2

    Heli Dining in Mallorca

    from 695.00 695.00
    Available tomorrow
  • 3

    Mallorca Bike Tour with tapas

    from 42.00 42.00
  • 4

    Activity in Mallorca Distillery: Make Your Own Gin!

    from 120.00 120.00
  • 5

    Mallorca Brewery Tour

    from 10.00 10.00

Wine and food tours in Mallorca

If something makes Mallorca a unique place it is its gastronomic culture. Nowadays food and travel go hand in hand as more and more people are looking to discover new culinary cultures as they travel around the world. Gastronomic tourism is rising in Spain, and Mallorca, as it has so much offer, is no exception. 

We have taken it upon ourselves to put together a selection of the best value options to taste and enjoy Mallorca's gastronomy and discover its rich wine culture.

Wine Tours in Mallorca

The island is especially well-known for its wine, which nowadays has a growing reputation. We have organised a series of wine tours to help you discover the most famous vineyards in Mallorca, learn a little about the process of making the wine and, of course, the best part, enjoy taking part in some wine tasting.

On our wine tours we will also discover the inland villages where you can be charmed by Mallorca’s hidden corners away from the tourist buzz where most of the wine bodegas are. 

Food tours in Mallorca

As well as wine tours, in Mallorca, we have also created for those who consider themselves foodies a set of food tours to savour both Mallorcan and Spanish gastronomy in idyllic locations. So, if you would like to complete your visit to the island with a taste of Spain you can take part in one of our gourmet food tours around Mallorca. These tours will give you the chance to relish the island’s varied and appetising food culture of both savoury and sweet dishes as you learn about the rich history behind it. The opportunity to taste traditional and modern recipes at your fingertips!

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