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Boat trips in Mallorca

Boat trips in Mallorca

Enjoy the best boat tours in Mallorca

A boat trip around Mallorca’s coastline is one of the best options on your summer holidays in Mallorca. With a coastline of more than 500 kilometres, Mallorca offers a great variety of boat excursions at sea. Discover the beauty of the island, its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water coves, precious islets or dreamy landscapes.

Below you will find all our boat trips in Mallorca. Clicking on the title of the excursions will give you access to all kinds of information such as photos of the excursions in Mallorca, maps, customers’ opinions…

The best Boat trips and tours in Mallorca

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Plan and book your boat trip in Mallorca

Being an island, Mallorca offers endless options for boat trips, and we have something for all budgets and from all different areas of the island. We work with only the best suppliers and boat captains to ensure you a brillliant day out and excellent service.

Boat Trips for Families in Mallorca

Mallorca is a family destination and we have some great boat trips that people of all ages can enjoy together. If you have small children, a two-hour excursion on a glass-bottom boat is a must. You will have magnificent views of Mallorca's coves and bays, your little ones can look through the glass to see the fishes in the water, and you will have the opportunity to jump off the boat for a swim and to cool off in the sea. 

If you are staying in Palma City, the one-hour boat trip around the port is a must for families. You will see the cathedral from the sea and you will take a Mallorca tour in and out of the small fishing boats and the huge cruise ships. This trip runs several times throughout the day and you can buy an open ticket on this website.

In the north of the island, our top boat trip for families is the Robinson Boat. This is a full day excursion with lunch included and with departure from Puerto Pollensa. Adults and kids alike love this excursion on a rustic wooden pirate boat which stops at different coves for swimming and snorkelling, shows you the magnificent Formentor Beach and the bay of Pollensa and also allows you time for fishing.

Party Boats

Mallorca is a party island and those looking for a refreshingly good time out at sea need look no further. We have party boats and booze cruises that none can rival. Most go from Magaluf, Santa Ponsa, Palma and Arenal. Sail your afternoon away on a fun catamaran tour with a DJ on board, food and drinks included and the chance for a swim too. Have a few sun-downers as you watch the magnificent sunset and as party daytime turns into party nighttime! Many of our party boats and booze cruises include special packages for clubs where the party continues once on dry land. These are special early booking offers that sell out quickly and aren't normally available once in resort.

Boat trips in Mallorca on a catamaran

Some of the most popular boat trips are on a catamaran in Mallorca. Half day or full day tours with skipper, food and drinks. Island-wide excursions on modern catamarans can be booked online at great prices. Catamaran boat tours are the most popular types of excursion in Mallorca in the hot summer months, so if you want to have the choice of our full range of catamarans, then be sure to book well in advance. If you are trying to book a last minute catamaran outing in Mallorca, then send us a WhatsApp message with your availability and the number of people in your party and we will try to find something suitable for you.

The price of a catamaran tour in Mallorca usually includes the time on the catamaran, swimming stops, travel insurance and sometimes the transfer from the hotel to the boat. Meals are usually only available onboard for full day trips. Sometimes food is included and sometimes there are snacks for sail onboard.

Some of the best catamaran trips take place in the bay of Pollença, the bay of Alcudia or from the Port of Palma. Discover the most beautiful places on the coast of Mallorca. You will always have the chance to stop for a swim where you will have the opportunity to snorkel on our catamaran excursions. This is often the highlight of the day out for most passengers. Some of the nicest catamaran excursions take you to Formentor where the anchor is dropped and kayaks are provided to explore this marvellous natural area. On the way back to the port, the passengers can help the crew to hoist the sail and enjoy a return journey which is wind-powered for a glorious natural and gliding feeling.

Boat trips on a glass-bottom boat

Discover what happens below the surface of the sea in Mallorca on a glass-bottom boat trip. These boat trips are ideal for families as they depart from the port of the resort where you are staying, with daily tours around the bay to see the scenery and enjoy the sailing experience, without being out at sea for too long. The duration of the glass-bottom boat tours in Mallorca is normally between two and four hours, often with a short swimming stop or beach stop included.

Our glass-bottom boats allow you to discover the beauty of the Mallorca’s coast above and below the water through the large viewing windows, offering a new experience and adventure for the whole family! A glass-bottom boat is a type of motor-powered catamaran, with three decks, holding up to 250 passengers. There is the lower deck with the viewing windows through which you can look into the sea and try to spot fishes or sealife. There is a middle covered deck, where there is also normally a bar for snacks and drinks. And there is the open top deck where you can sit and enjoy wonderful views of the coastline with the breeze on your face. Some glass-bottom boats in Mallorca have slides on the back for added family fun, allowing the brave to fly down the slide and splash into the water during the swimming stops.

Boat trips in Mallorca on a sailing yacht

Set sail on a different kind of boat trip in Mallorca. Picture yourself on a luxurious sailing yacht, where every trip unveils the island's magic in an exclusive way. What sets sailing yacht adventures apart? It's the intimate experience of cruising the pristine waters, feeling the gentle sway, and basking in the tranquility only a yacht can offer.

Expect personalized journeys tailored to your desires. Whether it's secluded coves, hidden beaches, or iconic landmarks, each trip is crafted for you. Imagine lounging on deck, the sea breeze in your hair, as the yacht glides along Mallorca's stunning coastline. Get ready for breathtaking sunsets painting the sky in colors you've only dreamed of. These moments aboard a sailing yacht in Mallorca are unlike any other—a perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty, and personalized exploration.

Boat trips with dolphin watching in Mallorca

Boat operators in Mallorca have realised that in the Mediterranean we can see dolphins in Mallorca in the wild! Get your camera ready and set sail on Mallorca's calm waters to see if you can spot dolphins. Most of the dolphin-watching tours take place at sunrise, which is when there is more chance of spotting these majestic creatures in the wild. And there really is a good chance of spotting them; some of the boat companies that we work with report to have seen dolphins on every single dolphin-watching excursion they have ever operated. Sounds like good odds.

Private boat trips in Mallorca

Why not charter a private boat in Mallorca for a day just for your own family? That way you can do as you please: set off at the time you wish, go where you want, swim when you want, eat when you want and go back to port at the pre-arranged time of your choosing. What's not to love about a private boat trip in Mallorca?

There are so many options for private boats in Mallorca, all with skipper and crew taking you to the most beautiful spots for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking or stand-up paddle. We have sailboat tours in Pollença bay, private catamaran tours in the port of Palma, and everything in between. There is something for every budget and for every type of family or group. A private boat trip in Mallorca doesn't need to blow your budget either - in fact, sometimes for large families, it's a better value option than booking a shared tour and paying for each person. Just hire the whole boat on one of our 4-hour tours, 8-hour tours or fabulous sunset tours, and relax at the hands of your captain who will take care of you and show you the best beauty spots of the Balearic Islands. 

It's important to remember that there is high demand for private boat trips in Mallorca in the summer months, so it is very important to book in advance. If you are trying to book something last minute, send us a WhatsApp message and we will find out if there is anything available.

Relaxing full day boat tours

Our full day boat tours are by far the most popular kind of tour in the summer. Feel the wind in your hair and the glass of sangria in your hand as you sail away from the port out into the sea. Sunbathe on the nets or relax in the shade on the benches. Help the crew hoist the sail or just sit and watch. Visit little-known coves with spectacular views and snorkel or swim in crystal-clear waters before you are served a delicious lunch on board prepared by your crew. 

Most full day boat tours are around six hours long and are great value tours with lunch included. Many boats include the use of kayaks and stand-up paddles as well as snorkel masks and fins. Some boat tours in Mallorca are even better value, offering an all-inclusive board basis on a reduced capacity catamaran. Just type your resort in the search box and see what is available in your area. Remember, the catamaran tours are the ones that get booked up quicker than any other tour in Mallorca.

Which are the best boat trips in Palma de Mallorca?

There are many boats trips in Mallorca and it is difficult to say which is the best boat trip because it all depends on what you are looking for. Some of the best boat trips and things to do in Palma de Mallorca are from the Port, where many boat and catamaran tours depart from. But there is also a great selection of boat trips from the neighbouring resorts of Palma Nova and Magaluf. These are two very popular tourist destinations, so there are a great many boat trips and catamaran excursions on offer from Palma Nova, Magaluf, Santa Ponsa, Arenal and, of course, Palma itself.

If you are looking for a booze cruise, you are more likely to find this option from Magaluf and the port of Palma de Mallorca. The best booze cruises in Palma take place in the summer months, depending on Covid restrictions.

Some of the best boat trips in Palma are not necessarily the more expensive catamaran tours with food and drink included, but there is a surprising selection of great value for money boat trips in Palma, such as the one-hour tour from Palma Port around the enormous harbour to see the views of the city from the sea and to sail around the amazing yachts and huge cruise ships. Or the full day boat trip in Palma Bay with stops for swimming, snorkelling and lunch. Lunch is paella, and drinks are included too. Another excellent value for money boat trip in Palma is the boat trip that takes you along the southwest coast towards Andratx. Food is included too.

Boat Hire in Mallorca

If you are looking for something more exclusive, perhaps you would prefer to rent a boat in Mallorca with skipper and crew just for your own family for a private rental. With this option you have more freedom to go where you want, stop for swimming when you want or ask your captain to take you to special coves away from the crowds.

There are many options for private boat hire in Mallorca and they vary from the wooden fishing boat in Puerto Pollensa, to glamorous sailing boats or catamarans departing from all over the island. The private boat rentals tend to be smaller than the boats used on big-group tours and normally have a capacity of between eight and 12 passengers.

If you hire a boat in Mallorca, always check what is included in the price. On our page we have the duration, price and details very clear: normally you can expect a full-day or half-day boat hire, departing from one of Mallorca's harbours, be it the port of Palma, Palma Nova, Arenal, Alcudia or Puerto Pollensa. Each option will specify what is included: skipper and crew, fuel, visit to coves or beaches, use of snorkel, stand-up paddle, kayak, fishing equipment... Also, if you have any questions about boat hire in Mallorca then you can send us a message via Whatsapp.

Boat trip near me in Mallorca

Looking for a boat trip right at your doorstep in Mallorca? Nearby boat trips offer a quick escape to explore the island's wonders. All you have to do is to go to our homepage, write the nae of the resort where you are staying, and click on search. Then, you will have a list with excursions and activities near you, including boat trips. If you want to make it easier, then use the filter section and click on the boat trips in Mallorca option, so you just see the relevant boat trips. 

Boat excursions in other destinations

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Frequently asked questions about Boat trips Mallorca     

What are the best Boat trips in Majorca?

The best and most popular boat trips in Mallorca are the Alcudia Catamaran, the dolphin wacthing excursion amd the boat trip to Formentor.

What Boat trips or Sailing in Mallorca are 1 hour or less?

If you want a boat trip less than one hour you can do the ferry to formentor or the boat trip in the bay of Palma.

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