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Activities and offers for residents in Mallorca

Some excursions to discover the best Mallorca activities for residents.

There are many places to visit in Mallorca as it is a very popular and touristic island. But how many people who reside on the island actually take part in these activities to truly discover the island that is their home?

We have made a selection for those who habitually live in Mallorca. In many cases, we are sure you've heard about those attractions or those places, but you've never been there. We suggest you watch the different activities, and you will surely find some interesting, that is a perfect plan to discover something new of Mallorca.

The best excursions and tours from Residents

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The Best Activities and Offers for Mallorca Residents

How many people that live on Mallorca can say that they really know Mallorca? With our selection of activities and tours especially for people that are resident on the island, you can get to know your home a whole lot better!

There is always something to discover on Mallorca regardless of how long you have lived here and we have compiled a selection of activites and tours especially with residents of Mallorca in mind, regardless of nationality.

Residents' Discount for Entrance Tickets to Attractions

We have many discount tickets for attractions in Mallorca for residents of the island. And not only this; now you can avoid the queues to get into Mallorca's top attractions by buying your ticket in advance here and skipping the line, as we have negotiated many deals with organisations to allow our Mallorca residents priority entrance to venues and attractions with a click-mallorca ticket. Take your kids in the school holidays to a water park and get a discount when you book on compared to door prices. Or go on an educational visit to Palma Aquarium and save money. We have entrance tickets to all of Mallorca's attractions and here you can find cheaper prices and skip-the-line tickets.

Boat and catamaran trips

Unfortunately the Spanish government does not include boat and catamaran tours in their residents discount programme as they do with flights. But don't be disheartened, as here you will find a wide range of boat trips and catamaran tours in mallorca at excellent prices.Treat the family to a day at sea on a typical Mallorcan llaut with fishing, water activities and lunch included in the day. Or relax on a catamaran and allow the captain to take you to a hidden cove that you didn't even know was there. We have plenty of secret beaches and hidden coves to surprise even those that have lived here all their lives.

Discover some of Palma's History

Palma City is a place steeped in history and no one knows it all. There are many residents living in Mallorca who barely know the old town of Palma or have never even visited Palma Cathedral. Discover Mallorca's history in a relaxing way with our guided walk around the old town of Palma with a knowledgable guide that will tell you stories and legends that you never knew. Or buy your ticket to Palma Cathedral and finally visit La Seu, the cathedral of light, that you have been meaning to visit for the last few years!

Flights for Mallorca Residents

Even Mallorca's most studious residents who know every hidden corner and every one of the island's secrets haven't experienced a low flight over Mallorca in a hot air balloon or a helicopter. What are you waiting for? This is the perfect present for the Mallorca-lover that thinks he has seen it all.

Weekend Offers for Residents at Mallorca Hotels

Another excellent option for those living in Mallorca is to take advantage of one of the weekend offers at a hotel in Mallorca, which are specifically designed for residents of Mallorca. There are offers with great discounts and can be a perfect plan to do something different with the partner or family. Many of these hotels offer spa, romantic dinners and family activities.

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