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Water sports and activities

The best water sports in Mallorca

A selection of water activities you can do in Mallorca

With kilometres of stunning coastline and its crystal clear waters, Mallorca is the ideal place to enjoy all types of water sports and activities. The options are multiple and varied from stand up paddle to diving to snorkelling to kitesurf to kayak! Below you will find the best water sports in Mallorca and by clicking on the title of the excursion will see photos, maps and customer reviews.

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Water Sports in Mallorca: The full lowdown here

Water sports and activities in Mallorca are growing in popularity every summer season and Mallorca offers plenty of activities related to water. Thanks to its excellent climate from May to October, aquatic activities and water sports are widely available. Below we show you some recommendations to enjoy a day of fun in the Mediterranean Sea:

Have you tried Windsurfing in Mallorca?

Especially in the bays of Alcudia and Palma we find excellent wind conditions, making windsurfing a great activity to enjoy the sea in Mallorca. There are many surf schools that offer different activities including courses and board hire. Windsurfing in Mallorca is probably one of the most popular and fun water sports.

Jet ski Tours: pure adrenaline fun!

One of the most popular water activities is the jet ski tour, and from the Port of Alcudia you can enjoy some fabulous tours around the coast and to hidden coves and marine caves. There are jet ski activities of different durations available in Mallorca, always increasing in value for money with duration. With this in mind, it is our recommendation to take a jet ski tour lasting a few hours or half a day. That way, you get to go further out to sea and further around the coastline, taking you to little-known sights, coves, beaches and hidden corners of the Mediterranean. Of course, depending on your time and budget you may prefer to book a jet ski activity for just 30 minutes or an hour. This way, you still get the adrenline rush and enjoy the jet ski experience, even though you will just stay close to the departure point. Remember, prices for jet skis are often price per jet ski and not price per person, and two persons can ride on one jet ski in Mallorca.

Parasailing Activities in Mallorca

Parasailing consists of flying with a parachute whilst being towed by a speedboat! This is a great activity for friends and families and you can experience a whole different view of Mallorca’s coastline from the air. You must have seen people parasailing on the beach, or on TV when you watch holiday programmes. If so, you will have seen what amazing fun the people are having as they speed through the air along a beautiful coastline, with their friends down in the speedboat shouting and waving. This could be you if you want to book a parasailing activity in Mallorca. Parasailing is available in all resorts on the island and is a very popular water sport. Be sure to book in advance to make sure you get your place reserved on the speed boat.

Scuba diving, discover the secret world in Mallorca's deepest waters

Scuba diving is one of the most satisifying experiences in Mallorca. Discover the Mediterranean marine world as you explore the deepest waters accompanied by expert scuba instructors. All around the island there are dive centres that offer diverse activities such as initiation courses, scuba tours and expeditions for experienced divers. You will be in excellent hands as you discover a world known only to a few and a world you will yearn to visit again and again. Your experienced dive instructor will be able to tell you about the fishes, algae and general marine life that you will find in Mallorca's waters.

Snorkelling: The most popular water sport in Mallorca

Snorkelling is very popular in Mallorca and will take you to discover the world under the sea. You will be issued with a mask, a breathing tube and fins by your experienced snorkel excursion organiser. Snorkelling is fun and easy for all ages and there are many great spots around Mallorca’s coastline to enjoy the rich marine life and gorgeous coves. Snorkelling is something that is great to do in Mallorca with groups of friends and for families with members of all different age groups. For the younger members of the family, snorkelling in Mallorca will become one of their most treasured memories and something they wish to repeat when they return to the island or go off and discover other parts of the world.

Other Mallorca Water Sports to Check Out

The list of things to do in Mallorca related to water activities is endless and as well as the above you can also try your hand at flyboard, banana boat, cliff jumping and coasteering. And don’t forget there is a huge offering of boat and catamaran trips too.  

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