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Website credits

At click-mallorca we are very proud of our ethics and our modus operandi. We are always down-to-earth, honest and straightforward. For this reason we have decided to dedicate this small section in our website, to say thank you to all those companies who have helped us to make it possible.

Web developers

Click Mallorca is a local travel agency based in Mallorca. We offer excursions and activities. From the beginning we knew we should work with a local company. They had to be experts in web development, but also understand their client, and help him grow and be better. Undoubtely, at AT4 THE DIGITAL WAY we have found the perfect partner in this journey. Without Julio, Toni and Dani, Click Mallorca website would not be possible. We owe them a lot and we recommend them to anyone who wants to develop a professional website.

Digital Marketing

At click mallorca we do our digital marketing in-house with our own team. For about 4 years, we have been advised by an external company. This is Flat101 and we are very happy to be their clients. With them we coordinate SEO and UX actions for the global brand strategy. With Alejandro and Paula we have a very good relationship, and they are always there to give us the best suggestions and recommendations, since they have a lot of experience.

Our providers

We not only have a wide range of activities and excursions in Mallorca, we definitely have the best experiences. We select our providers based on the quality of their products and their costumer service.