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Things to do in Porto Cristo

Find excursions, activities and things to do in Porto Cristo and Cala Mandia to organize your holidays. Choose between boat trips, guided tours, bus tours and tickets to theme parks and water parks.


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The best excursions and boat trips in Porto Cristo

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Best things to do in Porto Cristo during your holidays

Porto Cristo is located in the east of the island of Mallorca and is one of the most popular sites in Mallorca in that area, thanks in large part to the presence of the Caves of Drach. From Porto Cristo there are many things to do and places to visit, as well as endless organized excursions to different tourist attractions of Mallorca. Porto Cristo is located 13 kilometers from Manacor, and has 600 inhabitants. It is also known as Port de Manacor or Cala Manacor.

It is a small fishing and recreational port which, since the middle of the last century, retains its aspect of summer destination. In recent times it has grown considerably, increasing the number of tourist facilities in the vicinity. Porto Cristo was formaly a Roman port, and remains of boats from this epoch have been found. Previously the name of this fishing village was Port of Manacor and its present name arose following a legend of the image of a Sant Cristo that, according to the legend, arrived in 1260 at the port in a fishing boat that went adrift.

Here are some suggestions of things to do in Porto Cristo:

Visit the Caves of Drach or the Caves of Hams

Undoubtedly, an essential visit to Porto Cristo is to its caves as, in the surroundings, we find the Caves of Drach and the Caves of Hams, two of the main tourist attractions of Mallorca, which are both open all year round. Here visitors can marvel at the stalatites and stalagmites that have formed over centuries, and at the magical lighting effects displayed inside the caves. Especially worth a mention is Lake Martel at the Caves of Drach in Porto Cristo, which visitors can cross in small wooden boats after listening to an enchanting classical music concert.

Relax at Porto Cristo Beach

For sea-lovers, Porto Cristo has a small white sand beach of about 350 meters, in a beautiful setting. The beach is sheltered by a rock wall at its northern end and the lovely harbour at its southern end. The beach has fine golden sand and crystal clear water which is not too deep and is therefore ideal for families with children. It is possible to rent sun loungers at the beach.

Near Porto Cristo there are numerous coves that we can visit, some with more facilities than others, either on or close to the beach. Among some of the more outstanding coves, we can mention Cala Mandia, Cala Anguila, Cala Varques ...

Go on one of the boat trips from Porto Cristo

Another recommended activity in Porto Cristo is to take a boat trip, since from its port there is a boat service with underwater vision that takes you to different places on the east coast of Mallorca. One of the most interesting boat trips from Porto Cristo is the one that takes you to the Cueva des Coloms, which combines a speedboat with snorkelling and a marine cave. Exploring the coastline from Porto Cristo is an interesting option as we find many postcard-pretty coves like Cala Barques or Cala Pilota.

Learn about Majorica Pearls

Close to the Caves of Drach we find Majorica Pearls, which are very popular in Manacor and Porto Cristo. Visitors can learn the manufacturing process of these famous artificial pearls and can get some great deals in the factory shop.

Walk to the watchtower Torre Serral dels Falcons

Next door to the Majorica Pearl factory we find the Torre Serral dels Falcons, a wonderfully preserved defensive tower from the 14th century from where the views of Porto Cristo and Cala Mandia are spectacular. The walk from the centre of town is only around 25 minutes each way. These watchtowers are dotted all along the coast of Mallorca in strategic positions and were used to send warning signals to all the towns and villages in the event of an attack.

Spend a day at a water park

In Porto Cristo there is no water park, and those who want to enjoy slides, wave pools and water attractions must travel by bus or excursion to one of Mallorca's water parks, the closest water park to Porto Cristo being the Aqualand Arenal, in the south area of Mallorca, which is also the largest water park on the island.

Book an Excursion to explore the island

From Porto Cristo there is a wide range of organised excursions to visit different places on the island with pick-up from hotels in Porto Cristo and the nearby areas of Cala Mandia and Cala Romántica. The options are numerous, highlighting Formentor, Palma or the Sierra de Tramuntana as some of the most popular excursions.

For families with children, apart from the aforementioned caves, another very interesting attraction is to visit the Rafa Nadal Academy Museum located in Manacor, where we can learn more about the famous tennis player born in Mallorca. The town of Manacor is close to Porto Cristo and every Monday it celebrates its weekly market, a visit that we can combine with the Majorica pearls, to discover this interesting industry that made Manacor and Porto Cristo so popular.

Find Hidden Gems: Cala Petita Cove

Cala Petita is a gorgeous virgin coves, a mere 6 minute drive from Porto Cristo. The cove is inaccessible by car and you have to walk around 25 minutes down a signposted track to reach the beach. Despite its proximity to Porto Cristo, Cala Petita is well off the beaten track and is not well known. If you are looking for a tranquil beach day on a sandy and rocky cove, with great views and natural scenery, you are in for a treat. 

Spend half a day at the Safari Zoo

Not many people know that Porto Cristo has a zoo. In fact it is closer to Sa Coma than Porto Cristo, but nevertheless, these are short distances. The Safari Zoo is home to more than 600 animals and you can give your child the opportunity to see giraffes, elephants and zebras as well as animals native to Mallorca such as mountain goats. There is a "safari train" to take you around the park.

Visit the Cova dels Coloms with Skualo Dive Centre

This is an experience for the adventurous. Discover the Cova dels Coloms cave on a boat trip and caving excursion that will leave you itching for more as you discover the world of speleology. Once we reach the sea cave, we walk through underground galleries full of stalactites and stalacmites. You will cross small lakes, crawl through tunnels and even, those who dare, will be able to swim in one of the lakes inside the Cave des Coloms. You do not need to have practiced speleology before, as this excursion is perfect for beginners and families who want to discover a sea cave. During the entire tour in the cave, the guides will be with you to make sure you have a great time.

Go on a buggy tour

A buggy tour is a great adventure on holiday. You get to combine the thrill of driving a buggy with the enjoyment of discovering more of the island and enjoying wonderful views. On our buggy tour near Porto Cristo we will take you on a scenic route combining different terrains and landscapes: you will drive through ubanised areas, along the coast, into the hills and through the countryside. 

Cala Mandia things to do

Cala Mandia is situated near Porto Cristo. It is a little resort with a few hotels and shops. The highlight is its beautiful beach with crystal waters and all the beach facilities for a great day ou at the beach.  The best thing to do is to enjoy the beach and to walk to the nearby beach of Cala Anguila. If you want to do more things, you can take a taxi or the public bus to visit the Caves or to go to Porto Cristo. 

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