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Entrance ticket Valldemossa Carthusian Monastery

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Adults 10.80
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Entrance ticket Valldemossa Carthusian Monastery 10.80 5.40 €
10.80 Adults
5.40 Children (11-15)

 0-10 years free

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Reserve online your entrance ticket for the Royal Carthusian Monastery in Valldemossa with a 10% discount. Show with your smartphone your e ticket and discover a hidden gem in Valldemossa.

Valldemossa Carthusian Monastery. Information:

Valldemossa Carthusian Monastery. Plan your visit:

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Opiniones sobre Cartuja de Valldemossa Ticket de entrada:

  • Margaret.
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Everything was good; except the double entrance fee. It is very misleading on clickmajorca website where the customer is led to believe that they are buying a ticket to see where Chopin lived and his piano. Just highlight the fact that the ticket being sold does not include entry to Chopin’s living quarters, or of a view of his piano; and increase the price of the ticket accordingly, if necessary.

  • Carla
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Take a bus from Palma de Mallorca bus station (Estación Intermodal) just off Plaza Espana to Valldemossa mountain town and Royal Cartuja Monastery. There is also Chopin Museum inside the monastery. Chopin spent one year in Valldemossa Monastery. There is Chopin's piano from Paris and manuscripts of compositions. Valldemossa town is one of the most picturescue towns of Mallorca. The monastery and Chopin museum is its top attractions. There are also many nice and relaxing cafés and restaurants. Narrow streets and mountain views. It is only 17 km from Palma de Mallorca. Excellent day trip!

  • Jane
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The Carthusian Monastery in Valdemossa was once the royal residence of King Jaime II. The monks were expelled in 1835 and the monastery became rental units. Our tour began in the San Bartomeu Church, a neoclassical style church with lovely murals on the ceiling. Be sure to take a peek into the sacristy to see some unique pieces of furniture. From there, we entered the pharmacy with its old bottles, jars, pill boxes, ceramic pots, herbs etc. Herbs played an important role in curing sick monks. Some herbs were available for purchase. A painting of the physicians Cosmas and Damien can be found on the left wall. Our next stop on the tour was in the cloister to see the Prior’s cell and chapel. The Prior’s cell opens until a beautiful garden and a great view of the countryside. The Prior’s cell is much larger and includes a chapel, library, audience room, and bedroom. The Prior received visitors in the audience room. Monks ate all meals in their cells and never ate meat. Probably the most famous cells are numbers 2 and 4 as these were the ones used by Chopin and George Sand. Here you will see their original portraits, letters, manuscripts, books and photographs. Among the objects on display are Chopin’s death mask, a snippet of his hair, a violin, a chair, and children’s toys. Did you know that the left hand mask is only displayed to show it was more important since it was used to play the music while the right hand was used to write the music. The piano Chopin used is also on display. His piano from Paris arrived three days after the couple left Valdemossa. The library is full of old books and manuscripts. The monks were allowed to check out 3 books at one time. It was the place the monks gathered for their half-hour weekly discussion, the only time they were allowed to speak to each other. The admission ticket includes a 15-minute concert by an individual playing Chopin’s works. I highly recommend a visit to the Monastery and surrounding buildings. I’m sure you will agree it is worth the price of admission.

  • Nick
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Walked from our hotel and arrived at opening time. Very interesting grounds and rooms and a photographers dream. Enjoyed the Chopin and George Sand spent time here and have very interesting exhibits. Enjoyed the Miro gallery section and overall thought it was a real pleasant way to spend a morning.

  • Paula
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The Carthusian monastery is right in the center of Valldemossa. There are several interesting rooms such as a church, pharmacy dating to 1779, Prior's cell and a library with very old books. There is also a exhibit room with paintings as well as gardens. It was interesting to see how the monks lived. The palace of King Sancho is included with your admission. Make sure you go beyond the courtyard of the building adjacent to the monastery. I missed it and it was quite interesting.

  • Kevin
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Located on Mallorca's north coast in the village of Valldemossa is the late 14th century Carthusian Monastery with many exhibits intact from when it housed monks up to the 1830's. Entry price is cheaper in click mallorca, that's why we bought it here, and a visit should be completed within 90 mins including the Chopin exhibit. The Prior's quarters, the library with ancient books, the monks' cells and the pharmacy are all of interest. The village of Valldemossa not so much as it been made touristy with little of the original left. Plenty of eateries and shops at tourist prices for those inclined.

  • Steve
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Stopped into the Monastery on a lovely day trip from Palma. It is easy to take the bus to/from Palma. It's worth walking through and around the monastery. My favorite areas were the outside spaces. The building itself is quite cold inside. Some rooms had signs requesting no photographs which was disappointing.

  • Tim
    punto punto punto punto punto

    This place is full of charm and history! The fact that Chopin and Geroge Sand lived their romance here, hidden from the world, adds to the charm of the place.

  • Paul
    punto punto punto punto punto

    We went here in the morning, and although it was hot there was a lovely cooling breeze. The gardens and the view from them are breathtaking. Inside the monastery we visited all the different cells and saw fascinating artefacts of Chopin and George Sand,and pharmacy bottles and old books belonging to the monks. The quaint little village is also very clean and beautiful. We get our tickets online and would recommend doing that because it's cheaper.

  • Andrew
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The history of the monastery is interesting, not least because of the short stay of Chopin and George Sand, whose rooms can be viewed. The old church is stark, but the pharmacy is fascinating, as are the suite of rooms for the Prior, with a splendid library. Do not fail to go out into the gardens of the cells, which are not only beautiful but have a spectacular view over the valley below.

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