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Rancho Can Picafort: One Hour Horse Ride

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Adults 30.00
| Children 30.00
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Rancho Can Picafort: One Hour Horse Ride 30.00 30.00 €
30.00 Adults
30.00 Children (0-12)
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Come to Rancho Can Picafort for a great horse riding excursion of one hour that will take you riding through a pine forest to the wonderful Son Baulo beach. With qualified guides and horses for all kinds of riders.

The Horse Ride at Rancho Can Picafort:


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Rancho Can Picafort - customer reviews:

  • Deana
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Lovely experience through Spanish forest and across a beach Beautiful well cared for horses Staff very friendly and professional Lively gallop for experienced riders Would definately recommend 👌

  • Milly
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Whilst on holiday in Mallorca, myself and my friend booked a riding session. The ride was fantastic, with gorgeous scenery, excellent guide and a sweet horse. Crew is solid, grounded, knowledgeable and welcoming. The horses appear to be very well cared for. I would recommend anyone looking to try riding for the first time to give this hacking experience a go! I'd go again in a heartbeat 🩷 It really was a soulful experience from beginning to end.

  • Novalee
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Me and my boyfriend did this experience recently and it was amazing. We felt well looked after with suitable instruction provided. As soon as I mounted my fears disappeared! As we set off it was clear the horses were going to look after us completely. None of the horses spooked or took advantage of the beginners. They were all steady and all the riders had huge smiles on their faces. The guardians of the horses are experienced, we both came back feeling happy and energised. Wish I could do it every day, definitely a mesmerising experience.

  • Jane and Miles Walker
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Our three girls, who have been riding for some time, really enjoyed themselves. They were well looked after on the trek. Horses are calm and a delight to ride. The ranch creates great calmness and grounding. Just a lovely slice of paradise for horses and humans! Reasonably priced and well worth it.

  • Edith
    punto punto punto punto punto

    I'm not an experienced rider at all so I was somewhat nervous at the beginning, but everyone was very supportive and the horse was a star. No previous experience necessary. Would recommend to anybody who wants a relaxed way to admire the amazing scenery of this beautiful island. The horses are well taken care for and the tours are organised to give the horses the best comfort.

  • Lucy Mae
    punto punto punto punto punto

    I was looking forward to this excursion, but a little nervous too being not very comfortable with horseriding. The ride greatly improved my confidence and it was amazing!! Horses are calm and well cared for. Scenery is very beautiful, gorgeus nature. Everyone on the farm was friendly and accommodating.

  • Alan Martin
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Had a really good time on our 1 hour riding trek. Staff were very nice, owner loud and eccentric but wasn't a problem. Horses very well trained. A really mixed trek with some trotting and quite a few up and downs through the woods and along the beach. A bit more advanced than we've done before but was happy with that. A great experience.

  • Stuart Moore
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The activity itself was fantastic, however the rude obnoxious idiot who runs the place, shouting, groping and belittling his customers should quite frankly be ashamed of himself. Perhaps the reviews online on Google and TripAdvisor should be look in to for future customers sakes. After all, everyone is a paying customer who keep him in business....very disappointing. Hopefully the horses are not treated the same way he sees it fit to treat his customers.

  • Hannah
    punto punto punto punto punto

    This was a great experience i went with 2 of my friends we are all experienced riders back home so this was a great experience for us , we did the 3 hour ride which took us along the beach and up the coast line it was lovely we galloped across the beach and trotted quite alot.However i wouldn’t recommend this to beginners or inexperienced riders as the owners expect you to keep up at all time.

  • Julia Evans
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The ranch got my booking muddled with another that changed days so I waited in vain to be collected. The hotel receptionist called them and they sent someone to collect me. One the journey I was asked about my riding experience and was quite clear that I had ridden alot in the past but have now lost me confidence so needed a really steady horse that would pick up on my nervousness. No problem she said. Well I thought by that time they would have moved me to the 5pm but no, there was everyone on the 4pm mounted and waiting for me. I felt very rushed. They didn't all, but mine had a standing martingale (red flag). There was a general free for all as the horses jostled for pole position going out of the gate. And it just carried on really, ears back and kicking out at the horses behind. The boss man in the lead never came out of a walk, but because the three in front of me dawdled they kept doing horrid short trots to catch up. When we got to the edge of the beach one horse behind me with a beginner on rushed past us so of course mine thought way hey, we're off! I have a fear of being bolted with so I hated the whole thing. Then when we got to the clearing several horses went past me, which mine protested at and again I felt so anxious. How beginners cope I don't know. Perhaps not knowing what could happen kept them just sitting there. Once we were on the forest path the boss man didn't look round once so would have had no idea what was going on. In the clearing I couldn't help shouting noooooo when things were getting frantic so the boss did take notice and offered to swap horses, but he said that mine was quiet so I said no thanks. I mean what would be the point, he thinks they are all quiet. We had approx. seven or eight of us on the 4pm. It's such a shame I wasn't put back to the 5pm because only one lady went out with the boss then. Only three of us could have been a very different review. Good points...nice minibus for collection, good value, good hard hats with adjustable back straps, lovely pine forest (I tried to relax and enjoy! ) saddle in good condition, comfortable to sit in and looked a good fit on the horse.

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