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La Reserva Puig Galatzo Entrance Ticket

punto punto punto punto punto
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Adults 17.00
| Children 7.00

 0-3 years free

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La Reserva Puig Galatzo Entrance Ticket 17.00 7.00 €
17.00 Adults
7.00 Children (4-12)

 0-3 years free

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Reviews about La Reserva Puig Galatzo:

  • Brigitte
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Really nice hike and an enjoyable location, a perfect place to hike walking through natural waterfalls in a beautiful scenery. The animals are kept in natural conditions. There’s also a barbecue area and a bathing area and a zipline that gives you a great view of the forest. All surrounded by peacocks and goats. Worth a visit.

  • Benjamin
    punto punto punto punto punto

    A great day out and welcome change from beaches. We arrived late morning in July (with 6 and 9 year old kids), thinking it was maybe a stupid idea as we would be trekking at the hottest time of day. In fact it was really enjoyable for all and most of the walk is shaded by rocks and trees. You get some fantastic views and it feels like trekking through a rain forest at times. There is animals to look out for throughout the walk (many of which are rescued and arrive at the park injured), you eventually reach the picnic BBQ area. We brought our own picnic and cool box but there is a well stocked bar for lunch and drinks (if you want to take your own but down want to carry it - the park staff will take it to the picnic area for you whilst you trek round - they also take it back down to the exit for you). At the picnic area there is toilets, a small play park and man made pools to swim and relax at. At the end of the trek we bought some smoothies for the kids at the exit. Advice - it is difficult to find, we travelled to Puigpunyent where you can follow sign posts. As previous posts advice - the road is pretty poor so take your time - nothing that will damage your car, but you do need to go slow. All the cars were parked in the upper car parks, we parked in the lowest as it is near the exit and there is trees you can park alongside for shade. You then just walk up to the entrance. Would definitely recommend this as a day out for anyone looking for a change from beaches. Oh yeah forgot to add - we were surrounded by donkeys, peacocks and friendly cats at the picnic area which my kids loved.

  • Andy
    punto punto punto punto punto

    It is not very easy to find the place, but it is definitely worth visiting. This is one of those places where you can follow the route, enjoy the views and feed some animals you meet along the way if you chose to buy animal food at the ticket house. Some harmless animals can be walking freely around the park without any barriers. There is also nice BBQ area somewhere around the middle of the park where we enjoyed nicely grilled baguettes and refreshing sangria sitting at the table surrounded by cats, peacocks and what not. There are other attractions available at extra cost, but it was enough for us just going through the park as it is. Just to mention, there are some natural waterfalls along the way and artificial swimming pool just after BBQ area. Big bonus of this place is that it is not crowded with people. (visited it in the beginning of May) My wife and I were acompanied by another family with a four-year-old kid. We have spent at least half a day to go through this huge park. We all enjoyed the place very much, time well spent.

  • Micaela
    punto punto punto punto punto

    It was a beautiful walk in the mountains. The road getting there is a little precarious but once you’re at the reserve it is a lovely little stop. Wasn’t too busy which made the walk very relaxing. Many waterfalls and sites to see all on the map. At the middle you can go on the Zipline for an extra cost which gave an amazing view of the forest. There is also the bar and the pool to cool off at. You will be surrounded by goats and peacocks but that made it more rustic. Highly recommend

  • Alice
    punto punto punto punto punto

    I visited this park with my husband and two children (6 and 8) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a spur of the moment decision - we wanted something to do for the day that was child friendly. We were so glad we went!! A lot of the reviews complained of the pot holed road (some saying they were the size of craters!) but we really didn’t find it too bad. We have visited many different countries and there is usually a bumpy, pit-holed road at some point during our trip that we take the hire car on - this was no worse than any other I’d been on and I certainly wouldn’t let it put you off. We had a very enjoyable, quiet walk through the beautiful landscape. The park has been well thought through with well maintained steps, bridges and waterfalls along the way. The trees provide welcome shade for most of the walk. My two children enjoyed the walk but the highlight for them was hunting for peacock feathers! There were lots of peacocks to come across roaming free as well as donkeys, geese and goats. The two bears that we saw were thankfully behind a sturdy fence. Halfway through the walk (after about 30-40 mins) we came to three small swimming pools that provided a very welcome cool-down from the walk. There was decking around the pools that made it easy underfoot to walk around. They also provide changing rooms and lockers for you to leave your belongings. We found the pools very quiet when we arrived (about 12.30pm) but as we were leaving (around 1.30pm) they had started to get busier. I can see how the experience would not have been quite so relaxing if there were lots of people here at the same time. We also bought some cheese and ham baguettes from the little cafe which were tasty. These were €5 each. The walk back (around 30 mins) was just as enjoyable. It is more uphill so be prepared to take your time with plenty of water to drink if it’s hot. Overall, this was a very enjoyable trip and well worth the visit to explore the beautiful scenery.

  • Kathy
    punto punto punto punto punto

    La Reserva is a slice of heaven on earth! We visited on a hot day, but the trees provided so much shade, it was perfect for us to walk comfortably. After an energetic hike, seeing the goats and peacocks and visiting the bears, we cooled off in the waterfall pool. A perfect place to spend a day of our vacation.

  • Dirk
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The park is beautiful, with amazing scenery and some lovely wildlife (particularly peacocks). The natural waterfalls are absolutely worth braving and are extremely refreshing. This park has plenty to offer, even for those not brave enough for the zip lines!

  • Elaine
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Ok, the road getting here is rather interesting to say the least! It is full of pot holes and narrow at parts but this shouldn't stop you coming it is more of a heads up so you don't think you have gone the wrong way! We really enjoyed this mystery walk and the "waterfalls" were very welcomed at the "half way" mark. There are a variety of waterfalls on the walk and some are over a natural pool/enclosed, rocky pond. Do not let your children in this though as it is something to view rather than get in to like my son did- he didn't smell too good after that!! The walk was relaxing, quiet and unhurried. We could o at our own pace and there were loads of resting points and bins to but rubbish in so take plenty to drink but no snacks at the the cafe has delicious baguettes! My advice is to wear trainers/sturdy shoes as it would be dangerous to wear flip flops and this wouldn't be suitable for someone with mobility difficulties. Wear your swimwear under your clothing so you can have a dip in the beautiful waterfall/pool near the cafe. It is mainly shaded so do not be put off about going in the peak of the day as it was not too hot at all. What is lovely is that there are a few animals to see, some enclosed some not. Luckily the brown bears are enclosed!

  • Fiona
    punto punto punto punto punto

    There are a few animals and birds being cared for which may be of interest to those with younger children. The reserve is spread out and makes a pleasant walk. There are waterfalls and a bathing area to cool down close to the bar and barbecue area. There is an activity centre within the reserve but it is advisable to book ahead for the climbing or zip wires to avoid disappointment, as there are restricted numbers.

  • Jonas
    punto punto punto punto punto careful of your car when you drive there. The road up to La Reserva (4km) from the main road looks like is has been in a war. Huge deep holes everywhere. And we saw 2 bears in a cage, some birds, a lot go goats...that's it. On the plus side, it was a very good 3.5 km hike. If the road up was better, I could recommend it for the nature.

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