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Dolphins in Mallorca

Experience dolphins in Mallorca and find out here everything you need about how and where to see them in the wild, the best time of year to see dolphins, and which activities and excursions are on offer to interact with these magnificent creatures.


Mallorca is one of the best places in the Mediterranean to see dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphins can be spotted on the coast of the island throughout the year, although the summer months are the most conducive to see them due to the good weather and greater marine activity. On this page we are going to give you information so you can plan your activity to see dolphins on the island, with tips and recommendations. Because if you have the opportunity to visit Mallorca, do not hesitate to try to spot these fascinating marine animals.

See dolphins in Mallorca

Dolphin Watching Alcudia

One of the best places to see dolphins in the wild in Mallorca is in Alcudia. There are several boat activities departing from Port Alcudia with crews that are specialised in spotting dolphins in the wild.


Part of the reason why dolphin watching is better in Alcudia than perhaps other places is that the huge bay faces out onto the north. The dolphins come right into the bay and so we don’t have to travel too far out to spot them. Of course, we can never predict where we will spot the dolphins or whether it will take long to find them, as we are talking about free, moving creatures that swim where they want to go. One great thing about seeing dolphins in or from Alcudia is that they are almost always in pods, meaning that if you see one, you are likely to see several in a group. Please remember, it is not possible to swim with dolphins in Alcudia. The only place on the island where you can arrange an activity to interact with dolphins in Mallorca is at Marineland, a dolphinarium on the other side of the island.

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Marineland Dolphin Show

Marineland is one of the best-known tourist attractions on the island, and it is the only dolphinarium in Mallorca that has been in operation since the 1970s. It offers shows with dolphins and sea lions, and for a few years now also educational and didactic activities with dolphins.


The price of the activity in which you are in the water with dolphins in Marineland (which is not swimming with dolphins) is around €100-150. It lasts between 1-2 hours in which you learn how dolphins behave and you can interact with them. The activity must be booked directly once at Marineland, as it is not sold online or accepts online reservations.

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Can you swim with dolphins in Mallorca?

In Mallorca it is strictly forbidden by law to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat, as it is an activity that can interfere with their natural behavior and cause them stress. In addition, swimming with dolphins in captivity is also not a sustainable or animal-rights-respecting option.


Instead of swimming with dolphins, it is recommended to opt for observation and sighting activities from a safe distance, in which you can enjoy the beauty of these marine animals without disturbing their natural environment. There are boat trips and guided tours specialized in dolphin watching in Mallorca, which guarantee an unforgettable experience of observing these animals in their natural habitat. These dolphin-spotting boat trips in Mallorca respect nature and the animals, so you can be confident when booking.

Sunrise dolphin tour Mallorca

There are several sunrise dolphin-watching activities that take place from around the island. The boat tours depart before dawn, so you can see the amazing sunrise on the way to see dolphins. There is another reason that many dolphin-spotting boat trips take place at sunrise and that is because this is the best time to see them in our area of the Mediterranean. And it is also when they are more likely to be active, giving boat passengers a thrilling experience of seeing the dolphins jump out of the water, perform flips and swim close to the boat.


Sunrise dolphin activities take place from the ports of Puerto Pollensa, Puerto Alcudia and Cala Ratjada. There are other dolphin-watching activities to see the dolphins in the wild, but which take place at other times of the day.

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