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Aqualand Arenal Ticket de entrada 10% Descuento

punto punto punto punto punto
Sin colas - Entrada exclusiva
| Niños18,90

 0-2 años gratis

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Aqualand Arenal Ticket de entrada 10% Descuento 27,00 18,90 €


27,00 Adultos
18,90 Niños (3-10)

 0-2 años gratis

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  • punto punto punto punto punto

    It was incredible!! We had booked an excursion with Nofrills and it was so comfortable because they had all planned, the tickets, the meeting time, the meeting point, ... Also they were so puntual and we haven’t to wait for them. Related with the park, if you have children I recommend you the park, it’s so fun and the little ones will enjoy it a lot, there are a lot of slides for them and very safety.

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    Nos encantó el parque. Reservamos una excursión con la compañia de Nofrills y todo fue perfecto, nos vinieron a recoger al hotel y llegamos muy pronto al parque lo cual fue fantastico porque asi tuvimos tiempo de ir a todos los toboganes y también de descansar en las hamacas después de comer. Un día inolvidable!

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    Nos encantó el parque. Además fuimos un miércoles porque había gente pero pudimos montarnos en todo las veces que quisimos. La cola más larga que hicimos sería de 10 min, más o menos. Las atracciones son geniales!!! RECOMENDACIÓN TOTAL!!

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    We visit Aqualand regularly and have done for the past 16 years. We always have a good day out, but as other reviewers mention it is an expensive day out so handy to know the add on costs so you can plan your day: Car parking €5 Sun lounger €4 Fast pass €16 Monday to Thursday €22 Friday to Sunday Coffee €2.50 Slush €7 then €3.50 for a refill Milkshake €6.90 Donuts and muffins €2.80 Waffles and pancakes €5.50 Ice cream €2.50 one scoop. €3.30 two scoops On a positive note you can bring your own food and drink into the park and you can buy a return pass for for €15. You need to visit twice for it to be value for money.

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    Am Vortag unseres Besuch habe ich viele negative Bewertung gelesen die mich vor einem Besuch abschreckten. Jedoch hätte ich die Tickets bereits Online gekauft. Sind heute am 06.08.2019 mit einem ganz schlechten Gefühl mit unserem Leihwagen dort angereist. Angekommen sind wir gegen ca. 10:30. Durch den Online Kauf der Tickets ging es direkt an den langen Schlangen der Kasse vorbei. Ein freundlicher Mitarbeiter scannte die Tickets vom iPhone und rein ging es. Wir haben uns von Anfang an für die Fast Pass Tickets entschieden. Wer nicht lange Warten möchte muss halt was drauf legen. Viel kostet viel. Zu den 80,- € der Online Ticket kamen samt Schließfach, Liegen, Parkgebühr noch einmal 87,- € on Top. Fast Pass nahmen wir als 4-köpfige Familie nur für mich als Vater und für unseren beiden Söhne. Gegessen haben wir am Mittag jeder einer Portion Pommes mit Nuggets und 2 Getränken 0,75l. Rund 50,- kostete unser Essen. Klar, nicht günstig! Aber Ok. Kulinarisch darf man natürlich nicht Zuviel erwarten. Jedoch ging es schnell und es machte Satt. Zum FastPass: wir waren um ca. 12:45 mit allen Rutschen einmal durch. Danach war es einfach nur noch spaßig die Rutschen nochmals zu Rutschen. Ich schreibe normalerweise keine Bewertungen. Jedoch bei den vielen schlechten Vorredner blieb mir nicht anderes über. Am Ende das Tages schaut man in glückliche Kinderaugen(Unbezahlbar). Was will man mehr. Wir hatten einen spaßigen Tag. Danke Aqualand.

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    After reading some scary reviews I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it was a very good, well laid out and attractive park. Loads of fun! Yes fast pass system is really annoying - we did without and just chose the rides with less queuing so we got on quite a few, and in fact on some of the rides even the fast passes had a long queue and we’re going no where so that made us laugh and glad we didn’t bother. However if you really want to go on loads easily I would say probably best to get the fast passes. Stupid system though, better not to annoy customers and have everyone queuing together and having fun I would have thought. We found the staff were fine and everything was just great Think we mastered keeping the cost down :- with a hire car the driver goes FREE! (Take your contract and walk right through!) and we took snacks and sat on the grass. So family of 4 was 70euros for the whole thing (plus car hire and 5euro parking) Only other comment is don’t go on the green/yellow free fall one if you have neck problems as I strained my neck quite badly going over the edge and free falling down. Oh and the family had so much fun on the Rapids - it was a free for all and everyone was coming off their rings and tipping over and getting stuck and whizzing past on their bums as they’d come of the rings - staff were running around everywhere trying to keep things moving and safe, very entertaining to watch. Sounds dodgy and my son got a bit scared but most people were having a brilliant time and laughing at the end of the ride and going straight back up again. Everyone was having a blast - again don’t go on this with any injuries!! Enjoy!

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    Wir waren am Samstag, 10.08.2019, mit zwei Erwachsenen und zwei Kindern im Park. Der Fahrer des Mietwagens hatte nach Vorzeigen des Mietvertrags ohne jegliche Diskussionen freien Eintritt, für die übrigen Tickets zählten wir online zweimal 27,- und einmal 18,- EUR sowie 5,- EUR für den Parkplatz. So könnten wir ohne jegliche Warteschlange in den Park. Auf den Fastpass (online 22,- EUR pro Person) verzichteten wir. Damit liegt der Eintritt deutlich unterhalb des Eintritts für einen größeren Freizeitpark und dafür wir eine Menge geboten: - zahlreiche gut überwachte Rutschen (mindestens zwei Mitarbeiter je Rutsche) - gepflegte Liegewiesen mit reichlich Schatten - zwei Schwimmbecken, davon eins mit Wellen Auch ohne Fastpass könnte man alle Rutschen mit überschaubaren Wartezeiten (5-20 Minuten) nutzen. Mit Fastpass hätte man diese teilweise fast ohne Wartezeiten nutzen können. Ich stimme den anderen Bewertungen insofern zu, dass der Fastpass auch meines Erachtens zu stark priorisiert wurde. Teilweise war ca. 80% der Kapazität für Fastpass reserviert. Mit einer geringeren Bevorzugung des Fastpass hätte dieser meines Erachtens immer noch seine Berechtigung, aber Gäste ohne Fastpass wären auch zufriedener. Ansonsten hatten wir einen schönen und sehr entspannten Tag im Aqualand. Zum Glück hatten wir vorher hier auf TripAdvisor gelesen, dass der Fahrer eines Mietwagens bei Vorlegen des Vertrags freien Eintritt hat. Weiterer Tipp: Im Park kann man zum reduzierten Preis von 15 EUR Eintrittskarten für einen zweiten Besuch kaufen, die auch im Western Safari Park sowie im Aquarium gelten.

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    Aqualand was a great waterpark. The staff are super nice. We left our car open on accident and guess what? They warned the hole park! Super Organized cool slides and nice staff! Worth it!!

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    Visited Aqualand with my husband and our 2 children (aged 11 and 4). I had read a few reviews after booking and wasn’t looking forward to it but we found it to be really clean and well organised. We took a packed lunch but bought some drinks and snacks, they were overpriced but I think, unfortunately, these places always are. The kids loved the slides, our 4 year old wanted to go on the ‘rapids’ ride, which I was a bit uncertain of but when we took him up the staff blew their whistles at each stage and signalled to their colleagues at the next stage that there was a small child on the way. He, obviously, went down with my husband but it was good to know that they were aware at each stage to expect a little one as it was quite a bumpy ride. He absolutely loved it! I did the kiddies pools with the little one while hubby did the bigger slides with our eldest and, again, they were well staffed with a guard in the water at each one checking that no one was messing around which allowed the smaller kids to enjoy themselves in the themed pools. There are plenty of sun beds and we got a great spot by a kids pool with a parasol, we booked the excursion through TUI and our ticket included 2 sunbeds, 2 soft drinks for the kids, fast passes to get into the slides quicker, which was well worth it as the queues were huge on some slides but we didn’t wait more than 15 minutes and usually got straight on the majority of them, we also got a ‘free gift’ for each of the kids which was a little water pistol-nothing spectacular but they kept them amused for a while. I would definitely recommend this water park, plenty of slides and a wave pool for thrills but also nice sun lounge areas for bathing and a lazy river.

  • punto punto punto punto punto

    Me, my wife and our 7 year old daughter visited here a few days after visiting Western water park. We have been to many Aqualand water parks in several countries but this one we found really disappointing. The main reasons are that the fast track que’s take COMPLETE priority over the ‘normal’ ques on any ride that you need a hoop or mat meaning the normally ques for these slides were huge!!! An hour in some cases! The rides that don’t require a hoop or mat weren’t to bad as the life guards would let a couple from the fast track que and then a couple from the main que which was fine. The food was more expensive than at Western water park even though it’s exactly the same menu which we found very odd. (Approx €12.50 for a small wrap and chips and €4.90 for a soft drink) The fast tracks were €25 each if you prebook online and €32 each if you purchased at the park. I have to say that the slides themselves when you finally got on them we’re really good! It’s just the way that they treat you if you don’t have a fast track which for my family would have cost an extra €75 if prebooked online on top of the €107 we paid for normal tickets and transport from Palmanova. If I were to suggest a water park in Majorca I would definitely suggest Western water park. Thanks.

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