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Aqualand Arenal Ticket de entrada 10% Descuento

Disponible mañana
Adultos 27,00
| Niños 18,90

 0-2 años gratis

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Aqualand Arenal Ticket de entrada 10% Descuento 27,00 18,90 €


27,00 adultos
18,90 niños (3-10)

 0-2 años gratis

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Compre online su entrada con un 10% de descuento al Aqualand Arenal, y prepárese para pasar un entretenido día con su familia en el Aqualand Arenal.

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  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Great selection of rides... plenty for younger Children which isn’t always the case with water parks! Sunbeds are 4euros to hire for the day. However you have to stick with that one sunbed all day. This became an issue when I had to visit different sections of the park with the children. It Would make more sense to give sunbed purchasers a band to use any sunbed that is free as they please. Parking is 5 euros and lockers are chargeable. Food is quite reasonable for a water park. We went on a weekday in sept and the park was not too busy - manageable queues for the rides. I was asked to remove my sunglasses several times when in the splash pools with my youngest child. I thought this was odd - I was allowed to have them resting on my head but not actually use them on my eyes. I can totally see they would pose a risk on a slide but can’t see why sunglasses aren’t allowed in a one foot deep children’s pool. Overall had a really good day and would definitely return.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Visited Aqualand with my Partner 21,16 and 6 month olds. Didn’t bother buying fast passes and luckily for us the park was quiet. Like Someone else said I thought it would be better when purchasing your sun lounger to have a wristband as we wanted the shade for the 6 month old but also the choice of moving beds depending on where the sun was but we couldn’t as they tag the beds. The food was very pricey and the chicken strips tasted like cardboard but the pizza was lovely. Lady taking our order wasn’t very friendly and didn’t seem to speak English as she couldn’t explain a question she asked us when we didn’t understand. Other than that we had a great day but I’m glad it was a quiet day and we didn’t have to queue.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    The park: *Very quiet EVERY day we visited, barely any queues which was fab for an impatient child *Have to pay €4 for a bed which was reasonable, always found a good spot in the sun or shade and sometimes lay on the grass with a towel rather than paying *Food prices were regular park prices so don't be too shocked it's like visiting a theme park and they do offer picnic areas - I received quick service, well mannered staff and nice food *Toilets were very clean as was the whole park *Staff and lifeguards were lovely, they may look a tad miserable but they are working in ALL weather conditions ensuring guests are SAFE *The ladies who were walking round asking for photos were lovely also and were very well mannered/good with my daughter Slides: *20 attractions to choose from *Anaconda was closed everyday we went which was disappointing but understandable *My daughter was allowed on quite a few slides considering her age but was happy in the kids pools a lot of the time and they were cute *Had to wait for rings sometimes but I guess this stopped huge queues on the most popular slides but the rides were quite fast paced anyway, I was never waiting too long *Found the water in the pools/slides to be quite warm too never freezing Overall I thought I would be fed up of going on the same rides and sitting round the same pools for seven days but I have never enjoyed a park so much, first one I ever visited and I would definitely return in future. Thank you for a lovely first time experience for me and my family!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Reino Unido 11 Opinión escrita el 26 de septiembre de 2018 mediante dispositivo móvil Average Traducir con Google Visited here in September , wasn’t very busy due to it being near to the end of the season. So we went on all of the slides/rides pretty quickly. I didn’t think we got good value for our money due to us completing it in just over and hour. Food was very expensive and the sun loungers costed which I think should be included within the entry fee. the ‘Jacuzzi’ needs something doing to it as it didn’t feel like we were in one at all. Slides were good anyhow just like any other water park and we did enjoy the ones we went on!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Parking 5 Euro, Liegen je 4 Euro finde ich zu teuer! Die Rutschen sind ganz ok. Nachteil für unsere Kids, da sie in dem Alter noch etwas zögerlich sind, ausser eine der etwas grösseren rutschen erlauben keine 2-er Bobs. Bzw. sie hätten alleine mit Ring oder Matte rutschen müssen was sie sich noch nicht trauen. Ganz schlecht das Fastlane System!!! Wir waren am letzten Tag der Saison, der Park war ziemlich leer. Nun mussten wir jeweils warten, bis die 3 - 5 blauen Ringe pro Bahn frei wurden. Obwohl massenweise ca. 10 - 15 rote Fastlane Ringe frei da lagen. Hinzu kommt, dass die Ringe und Bobs nicht gut gepumpt waren oder Luft verloren. Man konnte dann diese halb schlappen Ringe nehmen (aus meiner Sicht fahrlässig) oder auf die letzten 1 - 2 blauen Ringe warten :( !!! Auch ganz schlecht: -Die 3 Anaconda Rutschen waren gesperrt (ohne Vorinformation ohne Preisnachlass) -Das ganze Dino Wasserbecken für Kinder (welches sehr gross wäre) war leer ...unsere Kids waren begeistert könnt ihr euch vorstellen! Ansonsten vergleichbar mit anderen Aquaparks (welche auch nicht viel günstiger sind aber alles offen, durchdachte Systeme haben und Preisnachlass wenn ganze Bereiche geschlossen sind) Ansonsten vergleichbar mit anderen Aquaparks

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    We had a great time at this water park. It was more expensive in both admission and the price of food than other water parks we have been to in the past as there are no "light bites" when it comes to the food it was all what I would call fast food with one burger up at 15€ and pizzas priced at 13€ however there were plenty of slides to go down multiple times throughout our 5 hours there with no queues for slides as we went midweek in September. All five of us enjoyed ourselves with no need for Sun lounges which are chargeable. For fun and a good time I would recommend this park.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    ERSTER TIPP: Am Flughafen gibt es ne Broschüre die augenscheinlich nur Werbung, nehmt sie mit, da ist ein Rabattcoupon drin ;-)! Man verbringt den ganzen Tag dort, nehmt Essen und Trinken mit und ne Decke, es gibt dort viel Wiese wo man es sich gemütlich machen kann! Das Essen vor Ort ist teuer!!! Auch kauft dieses SPEED TICKET oder wie das hieß. Es lohnt sich nahezu bei jeder Rutsche!!!! 12€ pro Person aber MACHT DAS! Und UNBEDINGT BADESCHUHE im Sommer!!!!!! Es ist für groß u klein ein Riesenspass!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Me and my partner had a fantastic day- we didn’t get a fast past, and don’t think it effected the day. We went on everything we wanted to, sometimes twice! Food was pricey and bland though!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Muy divertido bastante grande no te basta un día para subirte a todo porque siempre hay que hacer algo se cola a no ser que cojas el fast pass que en mi opinión no merece mucho la pena solo en algunas atracciones.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Excellent water park - not cheap but there's loads to go on, very clean. Only complaint is the very very slow service at the cafe's (and expensive too but thats expected i suppose)

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