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Palma Aquarium con entrada cine AquaDome

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Disponible mañana
Adultos 28,35
| Niños 18,90

 0-2 años gratis

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Palma Aquarium con entrada cine AquaDome 28,35 18,90 €
28,35 Adultos
18,90 Niños (3-12)

 0-2 años gratis

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Disfruta de una experiencia única en Palma Aquarium con la entrada al nuevo cine 3D AquaDome. Una experiencia 3D totalmente inmersiva de 360º donde descubrirás a los mamíferos más grandes de la tierra como nunca antes se habían visto. Con nuestro ticket accederás al Palma Aquarium sin colas!

Palma Aquarium con Entrada al AquaDome

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Comentarios de clientes para Palma Aquarium con entrada cine AquaDome:

  • Lourdes
    punto punto punto punto punto

    La mejor opción para ver el acuario

  • Acuarium ( entradas)
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Muy bien todo

  • Connor
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Went here with my 2 years old son, he loved going around watching all the tanks. He also saw the 3d whale show and loved it. It's probably best with kids from 3 years and older. It's very crowded so it takes a while to go through the whole park. The food was OK as well.

  • Cathy
    punto punto punto punto punto

    We spent 5 hours here so it was worth the entrance price. We bought the combo ticket which got you entrance and the 3d whale film. It was an incredibly relaxing environment with, lovely and clean. If you had kids there was plenty for them to do and free face painting. The feeding of the sharks was interesting but our favourite was the tour where you got chance to feed the koi fish, the guide doing this and the turtle tour was amazing unfortunately I never got her name

  • Charlie
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The aquarium itself is good, with a range of themed areas. The exhibits seem to have spacious and stimulating environments. The humpback whale 3D screening is worth a visit. I would have given 5 stars except that the food was expensive, mediocre and busy (even out of season) - I'd start early or after lunch and eat elsewhere if I went again.

  • Cassandra
    punto punto punto punto punto

    I went to Palma’s aquarium with my boyfriend, we spent there 2-3 hours and we loved it! The whole experience was amazing, the tour around the aquarium is very well organized, they have very good descriptions of animals, you can also sit in front of some aquariums and relax, observe fish, sharks etc the staff is very friendly and they will gladly tell you any information you seek, they will also let you touch a star fish or a sea cucumber :) they have a big interactive room, where you can learn more about whales and test your knowledge by playing different games. We also bought a ticket for a 3D whale experience and we highly recommend you to do the same, it is simply something you can not experience anywhere else! Amazing!

  • Mikaela
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Lots to see, spacious, extensive gift shop. A good activity to do whilst in Palma. Tanks looked clean and fish appeared healthy (although I am not an expert). Enjoyed the 3D humpback whale exhibition

  • Brian
    punto punto punto punto punto

    This was our first visit to Palma Aquarium and I thought it will be more or less the same as other aquariums we visited in a lifetime, but I was so wrong. Buy tickets online you will save few euro. We booked in click mallorca and are very happy with our decision. When we came in staff was making family pictures in front of aquarium like stands and we were given ticket to get those pictures at the end of visit (not for free). Our kids are 6 and 8 but I never saw them so interested. Loads to see and we loved the Jungle part. Kids got pictures done with big parrots that they asolutelly loved We have chosen 3D whales program aswell, was short but very interesting. There is an absolutely fantastic outside play area aswell as cafes to relax. Overall it is a must to go to.

  • Brenda
    punto punto punto punto punto

    Absolutely 100% recommended a visit to the Palma aquarium. We spent 3 hours in the place but you could spend longer, they have a brilliant indoor soft play but remember to bring socks or you can buy them there for only €1. Definitely get the ticket that gets you in to see the whale aquadome. As a family of 4, two kids 14 and 2 we all enjoyed it.

  • Andrea
    punto punto punto punto punto

    The aquarium is definitely something that many people decide to do on a wet day, as it is one of a few indoor family attractions on the Island. As it wasn't raining all the time we were at the aquarium, people were spread out across the inside and outside spaces. We had time to look at everything we wanted, going back to the busier areas later in the day as the pulse of the larger groups arriving in the morning spread out. The staff were excellent. Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The 3D experience was awesome. Our 5 year old loved it. I was very impressed too.

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