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Ticket Entrada Els Calderers Mallorca

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Adultos 8,10
| Niños 3,60

 0-2 años gratis

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Ticket Entrada Els Calderers Mallorca 8,10 3,60 €


8,10 adultos
3,60 niños (3-12)

 0-2 años gratis

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Visita una Els Calderers en Mallorca, una casa señorial mallorquina del siglo 18 con degustación de vino y productos típicos de Mallorca.

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Mostrando 6 comentarios para Ticket Entrada Els Calderers Mallorca

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    The house was beautiful with many historic artefacts and fine old furniture. We really liked the internal court with the fish pond in the middle. The grounds were beautiful and we sat on the beautiful terrace above the pond to eat a delicious home made lunch of bread with tomatoes cheese and ham (all produce from the estate) with a welcome glass of wine on a hot day. There are lots of farm animals here which are very cute and there is something here for everyone. A thoroughly enjoyable day ou

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Slightly off the beaten track if you don't have a car. Just off the motorway but what a great place to spend a few hours away from the hustle of the beach resorts. A lovely house and grounds, animals and a good place to have a picnic. Really enjoyable. A nice quiet place to visit and good value for money.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    It is such a lovely place and so different from anything else we had seen in Majorca. The building is beautifully kept and rooms furnished as they would have been when it was originally built. The surrounding grounds are also beautiful and well kept. It is a gem in the middle of nowhere and I would love to revisit it sometime. There is also a farm attached to it which you can visit and see the animals which I loved. I would recommend anyone visit this place it is definitely not to be missed!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Easy to find following the directions, a hidden gem on the flatlands. A nostalgic step back a few centuries with the house and contents being very well preserved The small bar-restaurant provides simple food, which is complimented by the wine tasting, which wasn't half bad. The animals and grounds provided an added ambience of rural Mallorca. On top of this, the visit was like a peaceful retreat, where you can sit back and take in the quietness. A great visit, thank you

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    In this beautiful historical mansion in the countryside you really get a flavor of how life was in Mallorca in the old times, both for noblemen and for peasants. Worth a visit.

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    excelent visit

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