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Vuelo en globo en Mallorca

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Adultos 165,00
| Niños 90,00

 0-3 años gratis

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Vuelo en globo en Mallorca 165,00 90,00 €


165,00 adultos
90,00 niños (4-14)

 0-3 años gratis

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    Medio dia

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Vamos a montar en globo en este fabuloso viaje que nos llevará a conocer Mallorca desde el aire. Toda una aventura en globo con plazas limitadas.

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  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    This experience was the greatest from the whole hollydays in Mallorca. The pilots picked up the passengers, brought to the flyght place and gave to all the unforgetable experience. The flyght is something georgeus. You see the morning in Mallorca from more than 900 meters. It is adorable to see everything so little. I highly recommend this trip. It will be the best thing you have ever do. Big thank you to the pilots and stuff. You are great :-)

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Highly recommended experience! We had a very professional, knowledgeable and friendly pilot (Carlos) and the whole set up is brilliant. It's an early start to the day, but you do get breakfast afterwards! If you are not sure about going because you think it'll be scary, it isn't! It's more like magic. Just nice and quiet and it feels very safe the whole time. The trip is well arranged and the materials used are first class and brand new. Trust me: I checked! :)

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    This was an highly enjoyable experience, and I would recommend it for everyone (has long as you can climb into the basket and stand for 1 hour). The balloon flight took about 1 hour and the views over the Mallorca countryside were stunning . The balloon was taken to a height where you could see Alcudia & Menorca to the north and Palma & Magaluf to the south. The landing was gentle and without any dramatics. To get the most out of the experience I would recommend helping with the set up and inflation of the balloon before you depart, and assist in the deflation and folding up at the end

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    this trip is a bit expensive but YOU have to do it.We were picked up at our hotel dead on time and taken to the balloon base. The pilot was letting us know what he was doing and points of interest to look for. Out of 16 people we were the only 2 english but we were well informed the whole trip. The only gripe is that when you get back to base they lay in snacks but charge you one euro for a coffee why? Just do this trip

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    Sehr pünktlich wurden wir um 5,25 von unserem Ballonpiloten Ricardo abgeholt. So früh, da es in der Sommerhitze im Korb später, auch durch den Brenner, unerträglich heiß wird. Man fährt mit dem Wind, daher keine Abkühlung d.h. luftig anziehen!!! Es war ein tolles Erlebnis mit vielen sachkundigen Erklärungen (Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch, Französisch). Jederzeit fühlten wir uns wohl und sicher. Anschließend wurden wir zu einem kleinen Frühstück eingeladen. Das zu unserem Flug gedrehte Video kauften wir auch und hatten den Film zwei Tage später bereits im Hotel. Wiederholungswahrscheinlichkeit: sehr hoch!

  • puntopuntopuntopuntopunto

    We had a great time thank you, very well organised!! We were also very happy with your business and will definitely use click majorca in the future.

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