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Cookies policy

  • Cookies are small files received in the device from web pages that have been visited. They are used to register certain interactions that have taken place while surfing a specific web page storing data that is then updated and can be recovered. These files are used to remember the users’ preferences such as the language chosen, access information or the personalization of the page. It also registers anonymous information regarding how a visitor used the web page and from which one he has accessed the current one

    Why does CLICK-MALLORCA S.L.U. use cookies? CLICK-MALLORCA S.L.U. uses only the strictly necessary and essential cookies so that you can use our webpages freely, accessing secure areas and personalized options. CLICK-MALLORCA S.L.U. uses cookies that collect data that has to do with web analysis which are used to improve customer service. These measure the use and performance of the web page to optimize and personalise it. Our pages can also have links to social networks such as Facebook or twitter.

    CLICK-MALLORCA S.L.U. does not control the cookies used by those external web pages. For more information regarding cookies created using social networks or other external web pages we recommend that you check their cookie policy. Publicity cookies allow, after administrating them, store information regarding behaviour observing and analysing habits. To do so the accesses are studied and a profile is created with the users’ preferences to offer advertising related to the interest associated to that profile. In order to comply with the current legislation we must ask for your permission to operate cookies.

    If you decide to not authorise us to do so indicating your not-conformance we will then only use the technical cookies as those are necessary to navigate through out or web site. In that case no cookies are stored. If on the other hand you accept our tacitly accept our cookie policy by continuing to navigate our web page without denying authorisation it is implied that you accept the full use of cookies. You must know that it is possible to delete cookies or prevent that they register information in your device at any moment by changing the configuration of your browser.

    These browsers are subjected to updates and modifications therefore we cannot guarantee that they are adjusted to the version of your browser.

    Also, you can configure your browser to establish that only trusted websites or the ones that you are navigating in that current moment can manage cookies which allows you to select your preferences