Category: Food and drinks

Mallorca has a very wide and very rich gastronomy. That is why we have created a category in this blog dedicated especially to food and drink in Mallorca. Here you’ll discover the typical food of Mallorcan cuisine, what to try, places to go to taste tapas and the best places that only the local people frequent.


Bars and restaurants

Thanks to the richness of Mallorcan cuisine, we have many typical bars and restaurants where you can go to taste one of its delicious recipes. In this blog, we inform you about some of them. In Mallorca, we are also lucky to have some of the best restaurants awarded with a Michelin star. Here you will find more information about those too.


Typical dishes of Mallorca

When we travel, a way to get to know the culture and history of our destination is to also get to know its typical cuisine and local products.

In this blog you will find some of the typical delicatessen of Mallorca. The best known are the sobrassada, the ensaïmada, trampó salad, etc.

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