Category: Adventure

The island of Mallorca has an infinity of activities and excursions of different types and for all different people. The most demanded by young people are adventure activities. For this reason, we have created a category dedicated to the most adventurous visitors, called “Adventure Activities in Mallorca”.


Outdoor activities in Mallorca

Virtually all adventure activities in Mallorca take place outdoors. Among these types of activities we can highlight catamaran excursions for groups, water activities, kayaking, snorkelling, diving, etc. On this page you will find a very interesting list that we have prepared to inform you in the best possible way of the options you have if you are a great adventurer.


Visits to coves and hidden beaches of Mallorca

Another favourite activity of adventurers and outgoing people is to visit different coves. Mallorca is an island that offers many dreamlike coves and secluded beaches. Combining a day of hiking in a group with a visit to one of these paradisiacal places is always a good option. For this reason, we have included this section in the category “Adventure Activities in Mallorca”, where you will find information on the best routes and excursions.

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