Adventure Tours in Mallorca: 10 activities that you cannot miss

Adventure Tours in Mallorca have had a great boom in recent years, and especially since COVID. People seek more than ever for outdoor adventure tours and activities, in contact with nature and combining it with adventure, risk and adrenaline. Wikipedia defines active tourism such as “a typology of tourism, which is carried out in natural spaces. They can be activities of contemplation and observation of such, such as ecotourism or ecological tourism, or activities that involve physical effort by the participants and a certain level of controlled risk, as occurs with adventure tourism. ”

Our local team of experts in excursions in Mallorca has selected 10 top adventure tours in Mallorca for this season:

turismo activo: barranquismo


We start our list of adventure tours in Mallorca with canyoning, which is one of the most complete activities when gathering hiking, swimming, climbing, jumps and rappel. This activity consists in following the channel of a stream, and for this you will have to jump to water pools, jump rocks, climb some walls and even practice rappelling techniques.

In Mallorca there are many streams where to practice canyoning, and with different levels. Among the easiest we have the torrent of Canegra or Na Mora in Soller. On the opposite side, we have Sa Fosca, as the most difficult option for canyoning on the island.

The challenge mallorca

Multiactivity tour

Among our preferred adventure tours and activities in Mallorca, we love it. It is one of the first that was offered by combining different activities, and very focused on families and young people. Already at the beginning, they pick you in a jeep to take you to the adventure zone, where kayaks are waiting for you. Then you hike through the rocks, with optional water jumps. Then you enter a marine cave, and you end up snorkeling to find a treasure in the water.

turismo activo en Mallorca en la cueva azul

Adventure at the sea: the blue cave

We like unusualactivities. It’s not about Cabrera’s blue cave, no. We think the best blue cave in Mallorca is located near the Cabo de Formentor area. In a unique and hidden corner, this wonder of nature is found. Imagine being in the photo, and be able to dive in those waters. And all in small groups, of just 12 people.


It is curious that there are not many people who know the Psychobloc, but Mallorca is one of the best destinations to practice it. In fact, Miquel Riera Mallorcan is considered the father of Psychobloc and great promoter of this active tours option. The Psychobloc is a rope -free escalation modality that is done in cliffs that give the sea. In this way when making an error in the climbing it falls into the water. It is done in cliffs between 10 and 20 meters maximum.

In Mallorca there are many roads or areas where to practice it, especially on the east coast. One of them is considered how one of the most difficult in the world, it is about Pontas near Cala Santanyi.

Escalada en Mallorca

Rock climbing

Since we talked about Psychobloc, a very similar adventure activity is climbing. There are many climbing routes on the island, but if you are new in this sport, it is best to opt for a day of initiation to sports escalation.

It is an activity that you can do with your group of friends, without sharing with more people. Surely you will have a great time, and you will learn all the climbing techniques, and you will even make 3 ways of climbing on your own.

Vuelo en globo en Mallorca

Hot air ballon ride

We now leave the most adventurous activities of active tourism, to recommend a somewhat quieter. In Mallorca, balloon flights are offered both at dawn and at sunset, to see the sunset or setting. It is a unique activity, of those that you always remember. Seeing Mallorca from the air, mounted on a balloon allows you to see Mallorca from a totally different perspective. And it is an activity for any age, and without having a good physical form.

multiaventura mallorca

Multi adventure

With the rise of active tourism in Mallorca, increasingly novel options have been coming out. In that concept, multi activities that combine different adventure sports have been developed. In Click-Mallorca we are experts on the island, we know how the palm of the hand, and one of the last adventures in Mallorca that we have added is a combination of kayak, sea caves and aquatic pull. It is a very funny activity, with great doses of adventure, emotion and fun. In addition, the adventure zone is located around Cala San Vicente, and it is impossible to reach it, it can only be reached by sea. In this way there are no massifications or agglomerations of people, to give greater charm to the activity.

Coastering Mallorca


One of our favorite options during the summer is Coasteering, also known as coastering. It is an adventure sport in which a route is made along the coast, in which hiking is combined, jumps from the rocks to the water, exploration of sea caves, diving, climbing in the rocks, rappel and rope bridge between others.

What makes it so popular is to mix different activities on the same day, and that it is a sport suitable for all ages, whether young people or families.

turismo activo en la cueva dels coloms

Marine Caves: Cova des Colom

The caleology is another activity of active tourism, and if you have to choose a cave in Mallorca, that is the COVA des Coloms. It is located near Cala Varques, and we will reach it after an hour of walking. To enter it, we will make a spectacular rappel of 25 meters with fall to the sea. Inside we will find lakes, rock formations and different rooms.

Torrent de pareis excursión

A hike on the stream torrente de Pareis

In Mallorca there are many hiking routes, but if we talk about active tourism, the hiking route par excellence is the torrent of Pareis. It is a complicated excursion, but at the same time spectacular. It needs to be fit, but above all to do it with an expert guide in the torrent. Year after year, we read accidents of accidents in the torrent, for lack of experience, for not knowing the steps, for not carrying necessary material … That is why this is an excursion that has to be done with a guide.

The route takes you through the channel of the torrent, with side walls of almost 250 meters of something, which makes it an experience. The end point is in Sa Calobra, where you can take a refreshing bath in the cove.

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