Category: Nightlife

One of the best ways to get to know the island is by discovering its nightlife and evening activities in Mallorca. Within the category “What to do in Mallorca”, we have collected several options to help you choose the best way to enjoy the Mallorcan nightlife.


Restaurants in Mallorca

Let us advise you to surprise your partner, give yourself a treat or simply because you feel like it. Going out to dinner is always a good idea to relax and treat ourselves. In Mallorca we are lucky to have a wide range of restaurants, with something for everyone, ideal if you want to celebrate something special.


Dinner show in Mallorca

If food alone is not enough, you also have the option of accompanying it with a show. This is an elegant and interesting option, capable of surprising anyone. One of the most famous establishments in this sector of nightlife in Mallorca is Son Amar. Here we will help you learn more about this magnificent place where you can spend an unforgettable evening.


Sunset in Mallorca

Without a doubt, the most romantic way to get to know Mallorca is to contemplate its spectacular sunset. On the island we have idyllic places to go to observe this miracle of nature, such as Formentor, or you can also book an excursion by boat or catamaran to enjoy this moment in the middle of the sea.

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