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The landscape and culture of the Balearic Islands are, among many others things, what make the islands unique, especially Mallorca, since it offers both mountains and sea. Discover quickly and comfortably which are the main points of interest and the most popular sightseeing activities in Mallorca.


Landscapes in Mallorca

To observe nature in its maximum essence in Mallorca, it is not necessary to look very hard, since in all the points of the island we find unique and unforgettable places. You just have to let us advise you and without realizing it you will find the best sea and mountain sites such as the Formentor area, La Calobra and many other other natural places of beauty.


Routes in Mallorca

One of the ways to enjoy the landscape in Mallorca is touring it on one of its innumerable coastal routes. Here you will find several options that you will surely not regret visiting.


Bus tours

If you prefer something more comfortable, there are also many companies dedicated to the development of coach tours where you have everything organized without having to worry about schedules and with the accompaniment of a local guide willing to give you all kinds of information about Mallorca and its culture.

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How to get to Formentor

How to get to Formentor? Are the roads closed? Are there traffic restrictions? Will I get a fine? Find different alternatives and options to visit Formentor Beach and Formentor Lighthouse, from ferries to organized excursions, public bus, rental car…

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The Almond Blossom in Mallorca

The almond tree is one of the most characteristic trees of the Mallorcan countryside, and it is especially beautiful to see the fields in January and February when blossom is out. We are in an ideal time for the excursion that we propose today to see the almond blossom, that we organized for a group of German clients, and that today we want to share with all of you.

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Formentor in Mallorca

Formentor in Mallorca is one of the most visited areas of the island, so today we are going on a route to discover this area in the north of Mallorca, and explain many interesting things such as its history, where to get the best views and its stunning beaches.

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