14 Top Bucket List Viewpoints in Mallorca

The best 14 viewpoints in Mallorca to enjoy in Mallorca before you die!

Do you have a bucket list? Well these viewpoints in Mallorca have to be on it. And the great news is that you can see them all on one holiday to the island (unless you prefer to space things out more, that is). There are so many great views in Mallorca that you will not know which one to choose from a Google search. That’s why we have taken the trouble to prepare you a route around all the best viewpoints in Mallorca that will take you to different places on the island. And at the bottom of this article you will find a map detailing where each one is.

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This is not a definitive list by any means, so if you have a favourite spot that is not there, just let us know and tell us why it is special to you and we will add it.

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This is the list of the best viewpoints:

Mirador de Son Veri Nou

Let’s get started then…

Sometimes you don’t have to go very far to find spectacular viewpoints in Mallorca. Near El Arenal is the Son Veri Nou Viewpoint with spectacular views of the bay of Palma. It is an ideal place to sit on one of its benches, relax and enjoy the views.

When is the best time to go? At sunset from the viewpoint of Son Veri Nou is spectacular.

Mirador de Son Veri Nou
Mirador de Son Veri Nou

Mirador de Sa Calobra

If you have to define the Sa Calobra Viewpoint in one word; the word is AMAZING! This viewpoint has is all: Dizzying views of the spectacular road that goes to Sa Calobra; views of the highest mountain in Mallorca; landscape in its purest form; and sometimes we have even seen black vultures. Along the road there are several places that are good viewpoints, but if we have to pick one, the best is the viewpoint at the knot of the tie. Do you know why that stretch of road is called the knot of the tie? Well that’s a story for another day and then you’ll have a road to add to your bucket list!

Our recommendation: from this viewpoint, continue down to Sa Calobra, and drive slowly so as not to miss any of the best views. Make sure you go with enough time to enjoy one of the island’s most Instagrammable beaches!

mirador de sa Calobra
Views from the mirador, with the Puig Roig in the distance

Mirador de Ricardo Roca

It always happens that the best viewpoints are on the most scenic roads, right? The road that goes from Andratx to Banyalbufar runs almost parallel to the coast, and at the foot of the Sierra de Tramuntana. In such a tremendous setting, it is only logical that we find such a remarkable place as the Ricardo Roca Viewpoint. It is very easy to park, and the viewpoint is at the tunnel entrance, up some stone stairs.

This viewpoint is also sometimes known as Mirador des Grau after the restaurant there which, by the way, offers wonderful sunset views with your evening meal.

Mirador de Ricardo Roca
Mirador de Ricardo Roca with Banyalbufar behind

Mirador de la Torre de Ses Animes

Very close to the previous viewpoint, we find this one: the Ses Animes Watchtower. It is an old defensive watchtower, which is in good condition so you can go inside, and which will give you wonderful views of the blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.

We recommend you combine your stop at this viewpoint with a walk through the beautiful town of Banyalbufar, and reach its cove.

mirador Torre de Ses Animes

Mirador de Sa Torre

Throughout the area between Cap Rocat and Badia Gran we find high cliffs and fantastic views of the bay of Palma with that beautiful blue of the Mediterranean Sea. If there is a special place, it is the Viewpoint of Sa Torre, a splendid place to enjoy a sunset. It is also not very crowded, and it is easy to park. If you like hiking, we recommend you go down a path towards the sea, where there are excellent places to snorkel.

mirador de sa Torre

Mirador de Maioris

The Maioris Viewpoint is very close to the Sa Torre Viewpoint, and is the lesser known of the two. Still, the views are just as spectacular. From here you can contemplate views of the bay of Palma, the cliffs and some beautiful coves. In summer you can combine it with a day at the beach. A few meters from the viewpoint there is a path that goes down to the rocks, where there are good places to swim and snorkel. Of course, wear good shoes and, take shoes that you can walk in the sea with so that you can walk on the rocky seabed.

Mirador del Castillo de Bellver

Our next recommendation for viewpoints in Mallorca takes us to Palma to go to one of the most visited monuments on the island. The Bellver Castle is located about 5 kilometers from the center of Palma, and has an incomparable view of the entire city of Palma with its bay and port, from the roof. Every Sunday the visit is free. If you can’t get there on a Sunday or if you just want to see the view and not visit the castle, don’t worry, you can drive up the hill at any time you want and enjoy the view from just by the castle. It is still spectacular.

mirador del castillo de Bellver in Palma
View of the Port of Palma from the roof of the Bellver Castle

Mirador de Sa Foradada

The Sa Foradada viewpoint is one of the most photographed viewpoints in Mallorca, and is a place from where you can see a sunset in Mallorca that looks like it’s from a movie. Sa Foradada is a small peninsula about 80 meters high in which a large hole in the rock stands out. From the viewpoint you can visit the Casas de Son Marroig, and from there a path leads to the rock, where there is a restaurant and a bathing area.

mirador de sa foradada
Mirador de Sa Foradada

Mirador de Ses Barques

We love the Ses Barques Viewpoint, and every time we go on an excursion to Soller we take the opportunity to stop and observe from here the beautiful panoramic view of the Port of Soller with all its boats, hence the name of the viewpoint (Ses Barques = The Boats). You can take spectacular photos. At the viewpoint there is a bar-restaurant, with a terrace, ideal to sit at, order an orange juice and enjoy the views.

If you like hiking, a good route is to Tuent or the Balitx Valley area.

mirador de Ses Barques in Puerto Soller

Mirador de Formentor: Es Colomer

The Formentor Peninsula is one of the places that appears on all lists of things to see in Mallorca, and there are many viewpoints throughout the area. The Es Colomer Viewpoint is the most popular of all, thanks to the ease of parking, impressive views and being the first of the viewpoints we find in this area. Spend a full day in the area and combine this viewpoint with the route to Formentor Beach, and Cap Formentor with its lighthouse, this being another excellent viewpoint.

On the entire road that goes from Puerto Pollensa to Cap Formentor there are viewpoints everywhere, so be careful not to miss any of them.

mirador des Colomer in Formentor

Mirador del Puig de Son Sant Martí

On our bucket list of viewpoints in Mallorca, we have searched for some of those secret corners that not everyone knows about. The Son San Martí Viewpoint near Alcudia is not a well-known viewpoint, but it offers a superb view of the entire north of Mallorca with the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa, and even the coast of Menorca on clear days. Our recommendation is to take advantage of the visit with a boat trip in the bay of Alcudia or Pollensa. You can even get to the viewpoint by car, since there is a paved road that goes up to the top of the mountain.

mirador puig son sant marti

Mirador de Es Pontas

Es Pontas is a rock bridge that protrudes from the sea, and is located near Cala Santanyi. From the Es Pontas Viewpoint you can perfectly see the hole in the rock, formed by the erosion of the sea in the calcareous stone that gives rise to this natural bridge. The waters that surround Es Pontas are crystalline, and the effect of the sun’s rays adds light. It is undoubtedly a wonder that nature gives us, beauty in its purest form. This is where you will take the photos that will get the most likes on Instagram, no doubt.

es pontas viewpoint

Mirador del Puig de Randa

The Puig de Randa Viewpoint is one of the most emblematic viewpoints near the east coast of Mallorca at 543 meters high. Here we find the Sanctuary of Cura, a place with a lot of history, and with sensational views of the interior area of Mallorca with the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana in the background. If the day is clear, you will even be able to see the Island of Cabrera.

Recommendation: go hiking in the area, on a unique excursion that takes you to three sanctuaries, and learn about Ramón Llull’s relationship with this area.

mirador del puig de Randa

Mirador del Puig de Bonany

The Puig de Bonany Viewpoint is located in the inland area of Mallorca, at about 350 meters above sea level. For us it is another of those lesser-known viewpoints, but highly recommended both for the views of the interior of the island and those of the bays in the north, but also for its unique chapel at the top of the hill, which many locals call the Cathedral of the Interior of Mallorca. It has a picnic area, and it is an ideal excursion for families with children.

mirador puig bonany

Map of the Best Viewpoints in Mallorca

Surely after reading all these recommendations, you are wondering “what viewpoints are near me?”. Well, for this we have created this map where you can see the location of each of the viewpoints that we have recommended, on a map of Mallorca. You can find nearby viewpoints, see those that are near the coast, those that are in the mountains… That way you can plan your trip.

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What do you think of this Mallorca viewpoint route? Shall we sign you up? If you liked the article, do not forget to share it on your social networks. Here are some questions and answers to find your ideal viewpoint:

Which are the best viewpoints for seeing the sunset?

To watch the sunset in Mallorca, the Sa Foradada Viewpoint and the Formentor Lighthouse are the most popular.

Which are the best viewpoints to drive to?

If you are driving through Mallorca and want to see viewpoints, we recommend the road to Sa Calobra and the road to the Formentor Lighthouse.

Which is the best viewpoint to see the sunrise in Mallorca?

The best viewpoints are in the northern area of Mallorca: the watchtower of Albertcutx in Formentor or the Puig de Son Sant Marti in Alcudia are ideal.

What viewpoints are close to Palma?

Near Palma you have the viewpoint of Bellver Castle, the viewpoints in Son Vida or the viewpoint in the hermitage of Portals.

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