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If you are thinking on Hiking in Mallorca, at Click-Mallorca.com we are experts on excursions and tours around the island, so we have prepared this article to help you to plan your hiking and walking activities on the island.

We know all the best hiking trails in Mallorca, and so today that is what we are talking about on the blog. Plus we will reccomend you places to stay and things to do. Hiking in Mallorca is very popular right now, as are other types of outdoor activities and excursions and, in Mallorca we are lucky to have a large number of walking trails and trekking routes.

The best hiking trails in Mallorca

10 Best hiking trails in Mallorca

We have chosen 10 different hiking routes in Mallorca in order to cover a bit of everything: different levels of difficulty, trails by the sea and in the mountains, itineraries along beaches, ascents to some of the highest mountains, a gorge… If this list isn’t enough inspiration for you, after analysing reviews of AllTrains, Holidu also put together a list of best-rated hiking routes in Majorca.

Everyone has their favourite hiking route or style, but we can tell you that all the walks on our list are highly rated, and that you are going to have a great time.

One of the best hikes in Soller (Mallorca): Barranc de Biniaraix

Soller is probably one of the best destinations for hiking in Mallorca. At Port de Soller and in Soller you will find a wide choice of places to stay, and many are popular amongs walkers in Spring. One of the best hikes in Soller is the Barranc de Biniaraix. You can start this hike in Soller or in Biniaraix.

The Biniaraix ravine hiking route is one of the best examples of footpaths built using the dry stone technique in Mallorca. In fact, this hiking trail was declared an asset of cultural interest for its landscape and for its historical and environmental value.

The hiking trail of the Barranco de Biniaraix takes you through the mouth of the Biniaraix Gorge and up an elevation gain of about 700 metres. It is an easy route to follow, and despite the unevenness of the terrain it is not a difficult hike. The landscape is spectacular with the stone-paved path, the gorge, the stone terraces, the olive groves and the views. And if the torrent carries water, it is even more spectacular.

There are several options / itineraries to enjoy the Barranc de Biniaraitx hike, depending on how much time you have or your level of fitness:

  • Leave from the town of Biniaraix to go all the way through the ravine to its top.
  • Extend the previous route with a climb up the Puig del Ofre.
  • Start the route at the Cuber reservoir, and from there go to the Biniaraix ravine and descend to the town.

Circular Hike in Mallorca: from La Ermita de la Victoria to La Talaia de Alcudia

Close to Alcudia we find the peninsula of La Victoria where we can enjoy a beautiful hiking route from the hermitage of La Victoria to the top of Talaia de Alcudia. This would be the easiest and shortest route, but we can extend the route with some variants:

  • Include the route to the Peña del Migdia / Penya Rotja.
  • Make the route circular by trekking down to the Coll Baix area (with the option of going to the beach), and returning to the Illot area to go up to the Ermita de la Victoria from there.
A circular hiking in Mallorca

All these routes are well signposted, and they are very easy to follow. The easiest part of the hike is the climb to Talaia de Alcudia, as it is a wide forest track with a footpath at the end.

The greatest attraction of this Mallorca hike, apart from its ease, are the excellent views that can be seen from the top of Talaia de Alcudia. From there, we can see the bay of Pollensa, the bay of Alcudia, the Formentor area, part of the Sierra de Tramuntana and even (if the weather is good) the coastal profile of the island of Menorca. It’s not always necessary to up hike mountains over 1000 metres in Mallorca to see spectacular views!

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Hiking in the Tramuntana: Puig de Galatzo

Hiking in the Tramuntana in Mallorca is an amazing experience and the southern part of the Sierra de Tramuntana is dominated by the Puig de Galatzo at 1026 metres high. The Serra de Tramuntana mountain area is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and some of the best hiking trails in Mallorca are concentrated in this area.

Although it can be climbed from Puigpunyent and even from the Galatzo estate, the best hiking trail to climb the Puig de Galatzo is from Estellencs. The trek can be completed in about 5 hours, and has a distance of about 12 kilometres. Although the mountain is steep, the hike up the Puig de Galatzo is relatively easy, except for the last part of the route in which we must exercise extreme caution because there are small sections where we must climb or scramble.

Puig de Galatzo

This hiking route is well-signposted, and follows beautiful mountain trails. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, it allows us to enjoy awesome views of the coastline along the way. At the top of the Puig de Galatzo there are really fantastic views. The entire route is well signposted, which, together with the views and being an easy hike, makes it one of the most popular hiking routes in Mallorca.

Torrent de Pareis: A Hiking Route for the More Adventurous Explorer

There is no other hiking or walking trail in Mallorca that can be compared to the descent of the Torrent de Pareis canyon. This route is recommended only for expert mountaineers, and the best time to do the excursion is in summer, from June to September, when the bed of the gorge is dry. Don’t attempt this trek when there is water flowing down the gorge.

The trail begins at the Escorca Restaurant, from where we hike down to the Entreforc, where the Lluc and Gorg Blau gorges come together to form the Torrent de Pareis canyon. Here begins one of the most spectacular hiking routes in Mallorca through the gorge of the torrent where we will climb over large rocks, pools of water and difficult steps for almost 4 kilometres until we reach the cove of Sa Calobra, where the Torrent de Pareis flows out to the sea.

hike Torrente de Pareis in Mallorca

As mentioned, this hike is not for beginners, and there have even been some instances of fit and experienced hikers getting into difficulty. That’s why for this excursion, we 100% recommend you do it with a local and reputable guide (click on the banner above for information about our own guided hiking tour).

For those who do not want to make the hard trek through the entire Torrent de Pareis, an alternative to not miss this unique spot in Mallorca’s Tramuntana area is to take a short route from the mouth of the gorge in Sa Calobra. We can walk about a kilometre into the mouth of the gorge before it starts to seriously ascend. This way you will also avoid some pools of water and still see the spectacular nature of the place.

Hiking to an Old Castle in Mallorca: El Castell de Alaro

Alaro Castle

You haven’t been hiking in Mallorca until you have hiked to one of its old castles! From the beautiful Orient Valley begins one of the best hiking trails on the island, which takes us to an old castle. Alaro Castle is built on a plateau, and was long considered an impregnable site. However, it is a comfortable walk, with the exception of the final steep climb, and the route follows partially paved roads. At its top we can spend time exploring the castle ruins, visiting the old oratory, enjoying the views of the Pla and the Sierra de Tramuntana or finding the cave of Sant Antoni.

Although we recommend hiking to Alaro Castle from Orient, there is a variant of starting the route from Alaró itself going up to the Es Verger estate or to the Pla des Pouet forest car park, which reduces the length of the route. But that means missing out on a place as beautiful as the Orient Valley with its llogaret and the trail through the olive grove.

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An easy hike in Mallorca: Mallorca Pilgrims’ Trail

This hiking route follows the trail that pilgrims used to hike from Palma and Inca up to the Sanctuary of Lluc. It is a route that is more than 700 years old, and is fully signposted. Discover Mallorca’s rich history as well as its gorgeous landscape on this beautiful hike in the Tramunatana area.

An easy hike to Lluc monastery

The route begins on the outskirts of the town of Caimari and, little by little, it goes up a wide path with many cobbled sections until the Coll de Sa Batalla. From there, we follow a paved road and then a path to the Son Amer refuge, and later to Lluc. Once in Lluc we can extend the route with a short excursion to Es Camell, Cometa dels Morts or a visit to the Sanctuary.


La Trapa hike from Sant Telm

On this hiking route we will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the southwest coast of Mallorca and Dragonera Island, plus discover the Sant Josep Valley, where we find the remains of the old monastery of La Trapa. It is a trail of medium difficulty, due to the hardness of the path that ascends to the Vall de Sant Josep.

La trapa hike

The route begins in Sant Telmo, and we can make it a circular hike and even extend it with a visit to the Torre den Basset. In La Trapa we will be able to explore the old buildings of the monks of the Trappist order who left in 1820. We will also be able to contemplate from the viewpoint of La Trapa the view of the nearby Dragonera Island.


Hiking in Valldemossa: El Cami del Arxiduc

The mountain town of Valldemossa is one of the main hiking spots in Mallorca, and there are many routes to choose from: the Puig des Teix, the Arxiduc viewpoints, the Valldemossa commune, the route to Deia… One of the most popular and pretty routes is the Cami del Arxiduc. The Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria ordered the building of this trail in 1883, so that he would be able to enjoy the impressive landscape of this area with the Sierra de Tramuntana, the sea, Sa Foradada…

To carry out this hike, it is currently necessary to request permission (free) at muntanyadelvoltor.com. As the website indicates: “Access to the “Muntanya del Voltor” area is regulated. With the aim of reducing human impact, we have established a limit of hikers per day in accordance with the carrying capacity of the environment. This way, we can also reduce the saturation and offer a quality experience to our visitors. To access the area, it is necessary to apply for a permit in advance.” On that web, you can also see the other hiking options and routes available in this area.

Best Hiking Trails to Beaches in Mallorca

Our beach hiking suggestion in Mallorca is a route through the trails of the Parc Natural de Llevant to discover some virgin coves. Within the Llevant Natural Park there are up to 10 different routes that you can take. Our suggestion is to make a combination of several to reach the beautiful coves of S’Arenalet des Verger and Sa Font Celada along the S’Esquena llarga path.

Llevant Natural Park

Another option is to park in Cala Mitjana, and from there hike following the coast and nearby trails to reach the aforementioned coves plus Cala Matzoc. Near this, we find an old defensive tower that we can climb to enjoy excellent views of the area.


Hike up the Puig de Massanella

On our list of the best hiking routes in Mallorca, we could not miss the ascent to the second highest mountain in Mallorca: the Puig de Massanella with its 1356 metres of majestic height.

puig de massanella mountain

It is a 12-kilometre hike, on which there is an elevation gain of 800 metres, so it is necessary to be in shape for this hike. We recommend choosing a sunny day because from the top of Puig de Massanella you have spectacular views that cover almost the entire island.

The first part of the route is through an oak forest in which we find remains of charcoal burners’ barracks. In the second part of the itinerary, in the highest area, the landscape becomes more rugged and with less vegetation. Being a private property, they charge an entrance fee of €6.

DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF LEAVING THE PAGE YET! We have more information for you with some very easy routes to do in Mallorca:

Do you want to discover more hiking trails in Mallorca?
We have a section dedicated to different hiking routes in Mallorca where you will find many ideas with information, itineraries, routes, Wikiloc maps, photos… Just click: >Catalogue of Mallorca Hiking Trails

Mallorca Hiking Trail Map

We have prepared a Mallorca hiking trail map with the hiking trails we have previously reccomended. This can help you to see the location of each walk so you can plan where to stay, what walk to do…

You can also find many apps specialized on hiking and walking. The apps that are more popular for hiking in Mallorca are:

  • Mallorca hiking app: Hiking in Mallorca is the name of this app available for Android and Apple. It is the official application of the Dry Stone Route GR 221. Also of the Artà-Lluc Route GR 222 and the family routes of the Consell de Mallorca. A network of more than 320 kilometers of routes for hiking.
  • Wikiloc: This is a very popular app in Spain. You will find many walking trails uploaded by locals with photos and info.
  • Alltrails: AllTrails is a global fitness and outdoor activity platform that allows users to access and use a database of curated outdoor activity trails.

Hiking in Mallorca: People also ask

When is the best time for hiking in Mallorca?

The best time of the year for walking and hiking in Mallorca is during Spring when temperatures are mild and not too hot.

What are the best hiking destinations in Majorca?

The best places to stay are in Soller, Port de Soller, Valldemossa, Port de Pollensa and Deia. There are plenty of hotels and places to stay, many walkers and there are lot of trails starting at these destinations.

Do you need a car?

If you are planning to do many walks, then yes. As many walks and trails start at places unreachable by public transports, which is also more limited in Spring. this specially applies to the walks and trails in the Tramuntana mountain range.
If you are a big group, it is a good idea to hire a bus. You can contact click-mallorca for quotes.

How is the terrain?

The main terrain in Mallorca are limestone rocks. You will need to wear good boots.

Are all the trails well signposted?

Some trails are extremely well-signed, others are not. It’s very helpful to use a mobile offline maps app, or trail app for navigation

What is the GR-221 Walking trail?

The GR 221 is the ‘Ruta de pedra en sec’, as much of the route takes advantage of the old cobbled paths (which communicated the villages and the estates on the Serra) and also because the most emblematic landscape is the rows of olive trees on terraces with dry-stone walls. The GR (173 km) will cross the Serra de Tramuntana from the Port d’Andratx (in the south of the island) to Pollença (in the north) and some buildings have been restored as mountain hostels.

And that is our list of some of the best hiking trails in Mallorca. If you have any questions, you can write to us to ask. And if you want to know more excursions in Mallorca, below we leave you some other articles that may interest you.

Until next time!

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