Ses Fonts Ufanes: A Unique Excursion in Mallorca

It is difficult to find things to do in Mallorca to do on a rainy day, BUT a visit to Ses Fonts Ufanes is actually better when the island has had a lot of heavy rain than on a dry, sunny day! That makes the natural phenomenon of Ses Fonts Ufanes a fantastic option for something to do in winter in Mallorca. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the Fonts Ufanes when they are dry, of course – all is explained below…

ses fonts ufanes

If you want to visit the Fonts Ufanes, below you will find all the information you need to plan your visit: a brief technical sheet of the walk around Ses Fonts Ufanes; the itinerary of the route with photos; a map of the route in Wikiloc; and some practical advice including where to park.

But first: what are Ses Fonts Ufanes?

What are the Fonts Ufanes?

Well, we are glad you asked because you are going to be amazed with this natural phenomenon in the north of Mallorca next to the tiny town of Campanet. And we don’t use the word phenomenon lightly. You’ll see…

Ses Fonts Ufanes is a hydro-geological phenomenon that is directly related to the rainfall in Campanet on the Finca Gabellí Petit with underground water flowing from the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains to the Sant Miquel stream…

Okay, okay, okay WAIT! Too technical? Let’s keep it fun and simple, shall we? Okay, let’s try again:

The Fonts Ufanes are a super-cool natural spring that you can visit and watch as water spurts up out of the ground, sometimes with as much force as a geiser and creates rivers of gushing water throughout the whole natural park! It’s there one day and gone the next – like someone has turned a very forceful tap on; and then off again.

That better? Great, let’s continue…

The experts say that a lot of water accumulates underground in an aquifer that has low permeability materials such as clay just below the surface, which prevents water from seeping through, but after heavy rainfall, this aquifer fills up, and the water has no choice but to rise to the surface, sometimes making great spurts high into the air. It is amazing. And it’s free.

Are you going to visit next time it rains in Mallorca then? Then read on. Our local experts in all things Mallorca have everything covered in this article; everything you need to know about Ses Fonts Ufanes.

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Plan your visit to Ses Fonts Ufanes

Please do read this because you will want to know how long you are going to be out; how long the kids have to walk and what shoes to put on them; and whether you should take sandwiches or plan to have lunch somewhere afterwards.

  • Duration: Around 40 minutes of walking plus the extra time you will dedicate to the stops you will make.
  • Difficulty: It is a circular route, which is very short, easy and flat. We recommend you to wear hiking shoes, or even rubber boots or wellies if you have them, since the area is humid.
  • Distance: Approx. 2 km.
  • Type of Route: Circular hiking route, ideal to do with children. It can even be done as an excursion with dogs (on a lead at all times) or with a baby stroller.
  • Location: Ses Fonts Ufanes are located near Campanet, on the Es Gabelli estate, next to the Cuevas de Campanet (one of the most beautiful caves in Mallorca) and the Sant Miquel Chapel. At the end of the article we explain how to get there and where to park.
Route map of Ses Fonts Ufanes itinerary

Ses Fonts Ufanes: Walking Itinerary

It is a very easy-to-navigate walk around the Fonts Ufanes; it is enough to follow the marked itinerary – you can’t go wrong. As soon as you enter the Gabelli Petit estate, you have the Sant Miquel Torrent on your right. If the springs have sprung, you will see the torrent full of water. A little further on you’ll come to a crossroads. Take the path to the right, to make the itinerary circular.

ses fonts ufanes majorca

You will walk first through cultivated fields, and then a little further on, a beautiful, enchanted holm oak forest. After the rainy season, it is an area that is very charming, and in November and December there is a great variety of mushrooms which have appeared due to the combination of warmth and humidity. Along the way there are many curiosities such as the “sitjas de carboner” (an old trade that was once important in Mallorca, and typical of the Sierra de Tramuntana, in which coal was burned to create fuel), or a hotel for insects like in this photo:

insect hotel at Ses Fonts Ufanes

Continuing with your excursion, you will arrive at the Ses Fonts Ufanes Interpretation Centre, where there is a small room where they broadcast a very interesting documentary about the natural springs. In the surroundings you can see an old lime kiln and the remains of an old talayot.

And right next to it you have the best of this excursion: the place where water springs from the subsoil to give rise to a unique phenomenon in Mallorca.

Ses Fonts ufanes with water

If you time it right and visit after a few days of heavy rain, you will see Ses Fonts Ufanes in all their splendor. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we show you this video that we made in 2021:

(And now you know why you might want to bring the kids’ wellies!). After having visited Ses Fonts Ufanes, continue to follow the perfectly marked itinerary, which will take you back to the entrance of the Gabelli Estate.

Then you should take a moment to have a look at the beautiful Oratory of Sant Miquel and maybe even visit the Caves of Campanet, which is another of those unique places that we have in Mallorca, and they are right next door to the Fonts Ufanes; you don’t even need to move your car. If you do all that, you might as well make a day of it and have a hearty lunch at the restaurant at the caves, which serves incredible BBQ meat and has a fabulous view over Mallorca’s countryside.

How to get to Ses Fonts Ufanes?

The best way to get to Ses Fonts Ufanes is by car, taking exit 37 off the motorway towards the Cuevas de Campanet (signposted). If you come from Palma, it is the next exit after Campanet. Follow the country road for a short while and, just before you arrive at the Fonts Ufanes, you will see the Sant Miquel Chapel. Park anywhere you can and follow the crowds into the Gabelli Estate (crowds are what you will find if the local news has annouced that the Fonts Ufanes have water).

Technically – “technically” – it is possible to get to the Fonts Ufanes on public transport. But if possible, save yourself the hassle and hire a car. You would need to get a bus to the town centre of Campanet, which runs approximately once a day if you are lucky. From there, you must walk about 3 km to reach Ses Fonts Ufanes. About 40 minutes of walking. And please make sure you have your return bus time clear if you do try this option.

Where to park at Ses Fonts Ufanes?

Ses Fonts Ufanes does not have a car park or designated parking area where you can leave your car parked. You have to be very careful where you park your car, since a large part of the road has a yellow line, and you can be fined if you leave your car parked there. The fines range between 50 and 200 euros – the local council makes a lot from parking fines when the Fonts Ufanes have water – you have been warned!

campanet caves
Campanet Caves Entrance Ticket

As mentioned above, if the news has announced that Ses Fonts Ufanes have water, the next day, the whole of Mallorca wants to see it (because, of course, the following day it could be all over). This increases the parking problem. A good solution to park and visit Ses Fonts Ufanes is to combine the excursion with a tour of the Campanet Caves. In this way, you can do two activities on the same day, and leave your car parked in the Cuevas de Campanet car park. First you visit the caves, then Ses Fonts Ufanes and end with a hot coffee on the terrace overlooking the valley of Sant Miquel. Sounds good? Click on the photo above.

Route Map

We love the Wikiloc app, because you can upload route maps with geolocated photos and lots of information. That is why, in each of our Mallorca hiking routes on the excursion blog, we upload the Wikiloc map. In this case, it is not that you need it much, because the route is very easy to follow and is perfectly marked. But here below you have the map with the route of the excursion to Ses Fonts Ufanes:

Powered by Wikiloc

Frequently Asked Questions About Ses Fonts Ufanes

Are dogs allowed?

You can visit Ses Fonts Ufanes with dogs, but they must always be on a leash. In this way, they do not disturb wildlife or livestock.

What are the opening times at Ses Fonts Ufanes?

You can access the estate to visit Ses Fonts Ufanes between 10 and 17 every day of the week.

Where to park?

The best place to park is at the Cuevas de Campanet. They have free parking if you buy the entrance to the caves, and you can leave your car there without problems.

How do I know if Ses Fonts Ufanes have water?

Through the social networks of the Department of Environment of the Balearic Government where they announce when Ses Fonts Ufanes have sprouted. The local people recognize it when they enter the estate, because on the right there are some steps that go down to the stream. If all those steps are covered with water, it is usually a sign that the springs have sprung.

We hope that we have been able to help you find something fun to do on a rainy day in Mallorca.

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