Puig de Santa Magdalena: walking excursion in Mallorca

A walking tour to Puig de Santa Magdalena is our new proposal to complement our article “the best hiking trails in Mallorca” which has become one of the most widely read on our blog. The Puig de Santa Magdalena in Inca is a mountain that lacks the same popularity as those found in the Sierra de Tramuntana, but as you will read below it is well worth the visit.

Puig de Santa Magdalena in Inca

With a height of 337 meters, it is one of the most emblematic mountains in the Raiguer area of ​​Mallorca, known for its views from the top and for its rich history and cultural heritage. In this article we are going to propose a route on foot to the top, and we are going to tell you everything you can find at the top. For the lazy people out there, we also tell you how to get there by car incase!

Technical sheet of the excursion to Puig de Santa Magdalena

  • Duration: it is a short and easy excursion if we do it from the outskirts of Inca, as we suggest. In just two hours we will have time to complete the itinerary.
  • Difficulty: it is an excursion that is easy to follow and does not require good physical condition as it is a short itinerary, along mountain trails and by road. The only “difficulty” could be the ascent, but it is very bearable.
  • Distance: about 5 kilometers, and barely 150 meters of ascent.
  • Type of excursion: it is almost a linear hiking trail, a very popular excursion (especially on weekends) and that we can do at any time of the year.
  • Situation: The excursion route begins at the foot of Puig de Santa Magdalena, just before the road begins to ascend. We can park on one of the sides of the road.

Excursion itinerary

It is best to park at the beginning of the road that leads to the puig, next to the facilities of the old Inca military powder magazine, which occupies a good part of the northeast slope of the Puig de Santa Magdalena.

The ascent is not overly difficult, and if we pay attention to the white dates painted on the asphalt, we will see shortcuts that allow us to ascend through trails. And this way we will reach the top of the Puig de Santa Magdalena, where we have different suggestions for you on what to do or see.

Puig de Santa Magdalena recreational area

As it is a public natural area, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has set up an area with tables, benches and an area to have a barbecue. We were there on a Sunday in January with good weather, and it was very crowded, so if you plan to go on a weekend, it is advisable to go early.

Recreational area in Puig de Santa Magdalena

The cross de la Minyo, the highest point in the Puig de Santa Magdalena

From the barbecue area we will take a cart path, like a forest track with stones in a SE direction at the beginning, and in 5 minutes we will see a sign for the Conselleria, where we must leave the forest track to follow a bridle path with rocky ground, which in a few minutes takes us to the Creu de la Minyo, which we can already distinguish from afar. If we followed the forest track, at the end there is an excellent viewpoint with these views:

Views from the Puig de Santa Magdalena

Upon arriving at the cross, we can find:

  • The geodesic vertex that marks the maximum height in Puig de Santa Magdalena, 307 meters
  • Next to it we will see a ramp that they use for paragliding.
  • Cyclopean remains, which were part of a fortified redoubt from the Talayotic era.
  • The monument of the cross, which is originally from 1901, although it has been rebuilt on different occasions.

The hermitage of Santa Magdalena

From the barbecue area, we head towards the oratory, following the road at first, and then 86 stone steps, which will leave us on an esplanade where we find the donat’s house, the oratory and a guest house.

If the oratory is open, do not miss the opportunity to enter. In case it is closed, on the right side we have the house of the donat or person who takes care of the oratory, who we can ask if it is possible to open it to visit it.

The interior has a rectangular floor plan, and in the main altarpiece we find an image of Santa Magdalena, which is quite modern since the old alabaster image remained in the possession of the nuns of the convent of San Bartolomé. On the sides there are different altarpieces, statues and a Nativity scene from the 15th century.

Walk path to Puig de Santa Magdalena

The chapel was discovered in 1240, and in 1491 a monastery of Franciscan nuns was founded until they abandoned it in 1526, and four years later a community of eight Hieronymite nuns studied there, although not for long.

From the 16th century to 1784, a grammar school for students from nearby towns operated on the Puig de Santa Magdalena. In 1879-1880 it was occupied by a community of Franciscan hermits, and from 1931 to 1985 it was dedicated to the congregation of Sant Pau and Sant Antoni, and since then a “donat” has been in charge of the facilities.

From this area I recommend you go to the esplanade that looks towards the Sierra de Tramuntana, and enjoy the excellent views of it, the interior area and the bay of Alcudia.

Restaurant on the Puig de Santa Magdalena in Inca

At the top of the Puig de Santa Magdalena there has been a restaurant for decades, next to the oratory, which has been a meeting point for the inquers. 

The Puig de Santa Magdalena restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy local cuisine in an idyllic setting. Located on top of a hill with stunning views of the landscape, this restaurant offers a unique experience that combines delicious food with incredible panoramic views.

The restaurant’s menu is based on fresh and local products, with a wide variety of dishes including fish, meat, vegetables and desserts. The dishes are prepared with mastery and care, offering a perfect combination of flavors and textures that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

In addition to the exceptional food, the restaurant’s atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with rustic décor that reflects the history and cultural heritage of the area.

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Map of the route to Puig de Santa Magdalena

Next, you can see the profile of the route of this excursion. You also have the link to wikiloc. Remember that you can download the app for free, and follow the route with your smartphone. It is always very convenient for us, since it locates you with the GPS and you can follow the layout of the route, and it even warns you when you deviate.

Also on Wikiloc there are different variants of the route, since you can start from the center of Inca or from the town of Buger.

Powered by Wikiloc

How to get to the Puig and hermitage of Santa Magdalena in Inca?

To get to Puig de Santa Magdalena in Inca, just take the Palma-Sa Pobla Ma-13 Highway, and when you arrive in Inca, take the Ma-3051 along the Camí Vell de Santa Magdalena. It is signposted, and you can’t miss it! Furthermore, in that area of ​​flatlands, the Puig de Santa Magdalena draws attention as it is the only peak.

We hope you liked this new hiking route / excursion through Mallorca.

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