Cala Pi in Mallorca

Cala Pi is one of the best beaches in Mallorca. In fact, in recent years it has become an increasingly popular place. It has become trendy as one of those beaches of “posturing” in social networks. At we are experts in excursions in Mallorca, and in this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know if you are going to visit Cala Pi: what to do, how to get there, where to eat…

The Beach at Cala Pi

The name of Cala Pi comes from all the pine trees that surround the beach (“Pi” meaning “pine” in the local dialect of Mallorca) and that give it a special charm. Cala Pi is located at the mouth of a gorge, and from the air (or on google maps) you can see how the sea forms an inlet of about 500 meters that ends on the beach. For this reason, it is a fairly sheltered and quiet cove, thanks to the fact that there are few waves. Although in summer, and especially on weekends, it stops being “so quiet” due to the crowds. It has a lifeguard service and bathrooms at the bottom of the beach.

cala pi

Cala Pi beach is about 50 metres wide and 150 long. Its waters are of an intense turquoise colour, which give it the appearance of a paradisiacal beach. In addition, as it is framed by rocks, it gives rise to other shades of colour. On the beach there is plenty of space to lie on the sand, unlike other popular beaches in Mallorca such as Es Calo des Moro.

On the right side of the beach, there is an area that we really like. There are fishermen’s huts there, where they kept their boats, and which were built in the 1950s. You can lie down there and relax, to have a different view of the beach.

How to get to Cala Pi?

The main way to get to Cala Pi is by car, although it is also possible by public transport. An important detail when planning your excursion to Cala Pi is to take into account its location in the southeast of Mallorca. Depending on where you are staying, there may be a considerable distance:

  • From Palma, it’s around 40 minutes by car
  • From Puerto Alcudia (north Mallorca) it’s around 75 minutes by car
  • From Cala Millor it’s around 70 minutes by car

Get to Cala Pi by bus

In recent years there have been changes in the bus lines in Mallorca, and we find many articles on the internet with outdated information on how to get to Cala Pi by bus. In 2022, the correct way to get to Cala Pi is to go first to Llucmajor, and from there take the bus line 519D. Be very careful as this service works on demand, so reservations must be made. In this link you have the details.

Go by car to Cala Pi

To get to Cala Pi by car, we use the popular Google Maps. You must write “Cala Pi Beach” instead of just “Cala Pi”, and it will take you to where the street begins to go down to the beach.

To park in Cala Pi you shouldn’t have many problems, since in the surrounding streets there is free parking where you can park your car. Of course, on weekends it’s a bit more complicated.

How to reach the beach

To get down to Cala Pi Beach, you must follow some stairs with a slope, and a total of 147 steps. It is not dangerous, but it never hurts to take care. It is true that for people with reduced mobility, we do not recommend it. Elderly people or families with a baby stroller can probably manage, but calmly and slowly. Another important tip is that before going down to Cala Pi Beach, buy water and food at the shop, in order to avoid having to go back.

What to do at Cala Pi?

Here are some proposals for activities and things to do in Cala Pi, to make the most of your visit.

1- Snorkelling

Just by looking at the photos of Cala Pi, one already wants to be in the water. The waters of Cala Pi are very clear and clean, which makes it ideal for snorkelling or surface diving. Especially on the edges, where there is more rock, you will see much more. There the seabed is more varied. In the central area there is more sand, and minnows abound. If you go out to sea, beware of the presence of boats.

2- Cliff Jumping

Always with caution and care. On the rocks around Cala Pi Beach you will find some small ledges ideal for jumping into the water and having fun.

3- Psicobloc

Psicobloc, also called Deep Water Soloing, is a type of climbing without a rope that is done on cliffs that overlook the sea. In this way, when making an error in the climb, you just fall into the water. It is done on cliffs between 10 and 20 metres maximum. This is because, from a height of 20 metres, there is a risk of injury if you fall badly.

To do psicobloc it is necessary to be in good physical shape, to know the climbing techniques and to know the area where you are going to do it. In Cala Pi, different routes have been enabled to practice psicobloc.

4- Take photos at the Cala Pi Viewpoint

More than a viewpoint, it is a rock ledge but with exceptional views. It is one of those places that you have surely seen in photos on Instagram. It is located just before going down to Cala Pi Beach, on the left side. Be very careful around the rocky ledge.

5- Stay in Cala Pi

Cala Pi is a very quiet place, ideal to unwind. In the area there are some bars, restaurants, shops and even a hotel to stay. It can be a good base to spend a few days disconnecting and exploring its surroundings.

What do see around Cala Pi?

Here are some suggestions of things to see near Cala Pi, to make the most of your visit to the beach.

cala pi beach

1- Cala Pi Watchtower

It is located at the entrance of Cala Pi next to the sea. At the mouth of the cove you have incredible views. It is an old tower, which was built in 1663 and was used to warn of the arrival of pirates. It was restored in 2018. It is well preserved but it is not possible to access it, since it is closed.

2- Capocorb Vell

The prehistoric settlement of Capocorb Vell is an important archaeological site in Mallorca, and is part of the Talayotic culture, although it lasted much longer, until well into the Middle Ages. The ruins reach an extension of half a kilometre, where there are four circular talayots, three square talayots and a burial mound, all aligned approximately; and there is another circular talayot outside the alignment (not all the monuments are in the visitable area). The state of conservation of some of them is quite good, reaching a height of almost seven metres.

3- Cala Beltran

Cala Beltrán is a small and hidden cove near Cala Pi, in the municipality of Llucmajor. It is a cove barely 20m long and 15m wide wedged between rocks at the end of a 200m long inlet from the sea. The stream that flows into Cala Beltrán provides some pebbles that soften the terrain, otherwise it is very steep.

We hope that this article has helped you to plan your visit to Cala Pi. If you have visited it, did you like it? Do you have any recommendation? Leave us your comment, if you liked the post, share it on your social networks,…

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