Cala Llombards Beach

Cala Llombards is one of the best beaches in Mallorca. Located in the southeast of the island, in the Santanyí area, this beach is one of Mallorca’s best kept secrets. In Cala Llombards you will find crystal clear waters, fine sand, a beach bar, incredible views and great places to snorkel. It is a cove that is often ranked as one of the best beaches in Mallorca, so hurry, because it will soon be as popular as Es Trenc or Es Calo des Moro beaches.

cala Llombards in Mallorca

Our team of local beach experts at has created this article so that you can plan your visit to Cala Llombards. Below you have an index with the most important things you should know when visiting this beach.

Cala Llombards Beach Information

The Cala Llombards Beach is a perfect example of the exquisite coves we find on the east coast of Mallorca. A long, narrow white sand cove tucked between cliffs, on which there are hardly any buildings and just jaw-dropping natural views, forms a sea inlet ending in a beautiful sandy beach. And to all this is added the charm that are the fishermen’s houses on one of the sides.

That was the good news…

Cala Llombards also has a drawback: overcrowding. In summer, this beach is becoming so popular that it gets crowded with people, especially on weekends. Many visitors comment that there is barely a space to put their towel down on the sand. Obviously, early in the morning and later in the evening, the beach is much quieter.

This special cove is in an excellent location. Here are a few reasons:

  • Its surrounding cliffs make the perfect spot for cliff-jumping into the sea on a hot day.
  • The entrance to Cala Llombards is the famous and beautiful rock arch Es Pontás.
  • The beach is just a short walk from another of Mallorca’s top beaches: Calo des Moro.

Things to do at Cala Llombards

At Cala Llombards we suggest different activities apart from simply taking your towel, lying on the fine sand, enjoying the views and cooling off in its waters. Although that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?! If you just want to relax, there is a sunbed and parasol service that costs €17.50 per day. And while we do understand that one of the key reasons for visiting this beach is to do exactly that, there are also plenty more things to do at Cala Llombards.

These are the best things to do in Cala Llombards:

Cliff Jumping:

On the north side of the Cala Llombards beach, there are some fishermen’s huts. From that area, it is very popular to take advantage of the profile of the coast to jump into the water. Needless to say, you should do it with caution. In fact, this past summer, the beach lifeguards were banning any form of cliff jumping on this beach due to safety reasons.

fishing houses in cala llombards
cala llombards


All the wonderful coves on the east coast of Mallorca are ideal for snorkelling, and Cala Llombards is no exception. So don’t forget to take your diving goggles with you. The water is very calm and remains shallow for quite some time. The central area of the cove is more sandy, but on the edges you will find rocky areas, where there is a lot of marine life. If you leave the cove, towards the north side, you will find another cove (we will talk about it later) where there are many rocks, ideal for snorkelling.

Coastering to Es Pontas;

To the northern edge of Cala Llombards, there are some rocky steps which you can climb, and then follow the coast. Pass the fishermen’s houses, and you will arrive at the aforementioned site where you can jump into the water. If you continue over the rocks, you will arrive at Es Calo des Macs another ideal spot for cliff jumping. Then comes the most fun part, which consists of swimming to Es Pontas. You will need about 10 minutes, so please only try this if you are a strong swimmer.

At Es Pontas you can try to climb the rock or part of it, doing psychobloc, or swinging on one of the fixed ropes that are left behind by other rock climbers. Remember to save enough energy to swim back to the shore afterwards!

Es Pontas
Es Pontas rock bridge


If you are active on Instagram, and you like to post photos of those places in Mallorca that you have visited, Cala Llombards is going to gain you new followers! The best photos are from the fishermen’s houses on the left side of the cove. They are traditional constructions of the island’s fishermen, where they kept their boats and fishing equipment.

Searching on Instagram under the #calallombards or by its location you will find some very inspiring photos to recreate and share with your friends.

How to get to Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards is located about ten kilometres from the town of Santanyi on the southeast coast of Mallorca and is connected by access road to the small village of Es Llombards. There are no tour buses or public buses that go to Cala Llombards, so you must make your own way there, be it by car, by bike or by motocycle.

Parking at Cala Llombards

Undoubtedly, one of the main concerns when visiting this cove is where to park your car. We have several parking options in Cala Llombards, which we detail below.

At the foot of the beach there is a free parking lot that is well organized. The only drawback of this car park is that, as it is a very crowded beach in summer, it can be difficult to find a parking space. Our advice is to go early.

Update: Coastal Demarcation has urged the Santanyí town council to close this car park, since it is located in a beach area, where the circulation and parking of vehicles is prohibited. The car park threatens the Cala Llombards dunes system, according to the Costas Authority. The car park at Cala Llombards is currently still in operation, but has been closed down several times over the past two years.

Another option is to park at the top of Cala Llombards, and from there go down some stairs to the beach. Walking from the parking place is just a five minute walk.

Exploring Around Cala Llombards

There are many things to do in the vicinity of Cala Llombards, so if you are staying in the area, be sure to get out and explore the local area. Likewise, if you are visiting Cala Llombards on a day trip, perhaps you have time to expand your day to include some of the following:

Visit other nearby beaches

Don’t forget: in this beautiful corner of Mallorca are some of the most stunning beaches in the Mediterranean – Cala Llombards being one of them. But Cala Llombards is far from the only one. If you love lazing on the sand, soaking up the rays and occasionally hitting the water for a spot of snorkelling or just to cool off, then you absolutely MUST make a visit to Cala Marmols and Caló des Moro. These two beaches, among others are some of the prettiest in the area.

Santanyí Town

The town of Santanyí is a stone’s throw away from the coast. It is a typical Mediterranean town with stone buildings, impressive churches and plenty of cobbled streets to lose yourself in. Santanyí is a foodie paradise, with excellent local bars in the market square and around the town. Market day is on a Saturday and it is one of the better weekly markets in the area.

Step back in time at Es Llombards Village

If you are at Cala Llombards Beach, then you are close to Es Llombards village; the village that gives its name to the cove. This sleepy old village is a joy to walk around and explore. You can enjoy the atmosphere of yesteryear and enjoy a caña and a tapa at one of its few local bars. Es Llombards is firmly on the cheese-lovers’ route of Mallorca, as it is home to one of the largest cheese producers on the island: Formatges Grimalt.

Where to Eat at Cala Llombards

If you are wondering where to eat in Cala Llombards, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a beach bar (chiringuito in Spanish). It is located on the north side of the cove and it is very easy to see. On their menu they have main dishes focused on grilled fish and a speciality meat dish (Iberian steak). Hamburgers, snacks and salads are also offered. The salad with S’Horta tomatoes with burrata and basil that we tried in 2021 was very good.

The Cala Lombards beach bar also offers a selection of cocktails, ideal to have next to the beach at sunset. You can’t go wrong with a typical Aperol Spritz or a Mojito.

Entrance to the beach
cala llombards

Although until the summer of 2021 it had very good reviews on opinion poles and on Google, during the summer of 2022 Cala Llombards beach bar received negative comments. Criticisms about the quality of the food and the prices, which many users consider excessive for the standard of the food. Apparently there has been a change of ownership. So, we recommend you check the prices on the menu, and read the most recent opinions of travellers who have been to the beach bar in Cala Llombards before making the decision to go. Your could always take a picnic if it’s not clear.

Cala Llombards
cala llombards

Excursions and Things to do in Mallorca

There are so many things to do in Mallorca that is difficult to know where to start looking for suggestions! Don’t worry, we have some ideas of great activities and excursions from this area:

Take a Boat Trip

You don’t need to drive around and worry about parking at each of the different fabulous beaches in the area; you can take a beach-hopping boat trip instead. Imagine yourself relaxing on deck with a cool beer and the breeze on your face as you lazily snap photo after beautiful photo of the coastline and Mallorca’s most magnificent coves. Try these two options:

Try Kayaking

Have you always wanted to try sea kayaking? Paddling around the rocky coastline of Southeast Mallorca, discovering the different coves is one of the most fun and memorable things to do in the area. Check it out here:

Visit one of Mallorca’s Top Attractions on a coach trip

If you have children or if you would like to explore further afield, join one of the many sightseeing tours or bus+attraction activities to take the stress of driving out of your hands and just sit back and enjoy. One great example for families is a tour to the new Dinosaur Park in Mallorca:

To see our full selection of tours and activities in Mallorca, click on the banner below.

mallorca activities
Activities in Mallorca
Boat trips, horse riding, bus tours, attractions tickets and much more

We hope you liked this article about Cala Llombards. If you are looking for more information about beaches and coves on the island, and activities related to them, here are some interesting links that you will surely find very useful:

We hope this article has helped you to plan your visit to Cala Llombards. If you have visited it already, did you like it? do you have any recommendations? Leave us your comment, If you liked the post, share it on your social networks,…

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