Soller Train: Timetable, Prices and Route

Riding the Soller train (or Ferrocarril de Soller) is like taking a ride through time back to over a century ago. It is an old wooden train that has been in operation since April 16th, 1912. Initially it worked with steam locomotives and, in 1929 it was electrified. Its story is the story of a dream, of the determination of the inhabitants of Soller to have their train, of a train that has been able to adapt to current times and is now one of the main tourist attractions in Mallorca.

Soller train

The attraction of this original wooden carriage train that goes between Soller and Palma is the mixture of the landscapes we see, the sensations of travelling on such an old train and the wagons and locomotives themselves. For this reason, the Soller train appears on all lists of best things to see and do in Mallorca and in all travel guides. In addition, it is part of one of the best organized excursions in Mallorca: the excursion to Soller and Sa Calobra by train, tram and boat.

We are not here today to explain you the history of this famous train, as there are many other dedicated websites that will do a much better job. In fact, if you are interested in riding on the Soller train, then be sure to take the time to learn about its origins and how it has changed and devoloped over the years. No, in this article we are going to tell you the following:

Timetables and Prices

When planning your trip on the Soller train, some of the most important things to know are the schedules, frequency and prices. Below we show you the schedules and prices of the Soller train in 2022. In all probability they will be the same in 2023.

Train Timetable from Palma Station:

10:10 10:3511:10
  • The 10:10 departure from Palma is the most popular and gets very busy. It is highly recommended to arrive early.
  • If you prefer to avoid the busy Palma city centre and having to find parking by the station, a good option is to take the train from Bunyola.

Train Timetable from Soller Station:

  • At busy times (depending on demand) extra trains are added at 5:30 p.m. and 6:10 p.m. from Soller.

The historic Soller railway operates almost all year round, halting for a few weeks during the winter to carry out maintenance works. Normally the closing dates are from December to the beginning of February.

The Ferrocarril de Soller

Soller Train Ticket Prices:

If you are wondering how much is the train journey from Palma to Soller, these are the options:

  • One-way ticket from Palma to Soller or vice versa: 18€
  • Return ticket from Palma to Soller: 25€
  • One-way ticket from Bunyola to Soller or vice versa: 9€
  • Return ticket from Bunyola to Soller: 15€

Your can also buy a combi-ticket which includes all these modes of travel:

  • From Palma to Soller on the wooden train
  • From Soller to Puerto Soller by tram
  • From Puerto Soller to Sa Calobra by boat.

This is a round trip so from Sa Calobra, you take the boat back to Puerto de Soller, the tram back to Soller and the train back to Palma. You can find more information here on the Soller train ticket with tram and boat.

Palma to Soller train route:

The route from Palma to Soller by train covers a total distance of 27 km from Palma to Sóller. The maximum speed that is reached is barely 30 kilometers per hour. The journey from Palma to Soller takes about 55 minutes. Below you can find out more about the route that the Soller train takes from when it leaves Palma and crosses the Sierra de Tramuntana until it reaches Soller.

There is an air of excitement as you board your 100 year old carriage and the whistle blows. You trundle slowly down the centre of the street of Calle Eusebi Estada and then leave the city centre to cross the Son Castelló industrial estate, going up little by little, towards Son Sardina and Bunyola, parallel to the Sóller road.

Once we leave the outskirts of Palma behind, the best part of the route begins from the Son Reus station (used exclusively for organized excursion agencies). The rural landscape around Bunyola is especially beautiful in February with the almond trees in bloom.

Itinerary and map of the Soller Train

From Bunyola the track heads towards the Serra de Tramuntana, and you already see the first tunnels. A little beyond Alfàbia, the track enters the Alfàbia Tunnel, ascending for the first 1300m until reaching the highest level of the line of 210 m.

The Tunel Major (or Major Tunnel) is, as its name indicates, the longest tunnel at three kilometers long, and is the most significant piece of engineering work ever attempted through the Sierra de Alfàbia. Drilling work began on both sides of the mountain, so there was some concern among the locals as to whether the two brigades would actually meet inside. Some very optimistic argued that if the brigades did not meet, they would have two tunnels for the price of one! On August 19th, 1911, the two teams met at a common point, to the astonishment of the locals.

view of the convoy of carriages on approach to palma

From here the route goes down to Sóller, making a stop at a beautiful viewpoint where passengers alight briefly onto a platform. This is the Mirador des Pujol den Banya, which is one of the highlights of the Soller train route. But please note: only the train leaving Palma at 10:10 makes this ten minute stop, which offers passengers unbeatable views of the Soller Valley and the Sierra de Tramuntana.

A tip from our experts
During the journey, get up from your seat, and go out to one of the balconies at the front or back of your carriage. Feel the air on your face, listen to the rattle of the train, stick your head out for a glimpse of the next tunnel….

The train journey continues towards Soller. The curiosity is that after leaving the Tunel Major, we are at a point located 3 km from the town of Soller, which is 166 m below the level of the exit of the tunnel. To overcome this steepness, the line has to travel 7 km. First, it goes around the Teix Massif towards Ponente until it reaches the Deià-Sóller road, where it describes a 180º curve and descends to Sóller Town. In this way, travellers coming from Palma are often confused when, after having enjoyed the fabulous views of Sóller at the Mirador d’Es Pujol de’n Banya and after going through the “Cinc-cents” Tunnel (so-called because it is exactly half a kilometer long), they observe through the windows on the other side another town very similar to Sóller. The vast majority of passengers do not notice the turn inside the tunnel and do not associate Sóller with the town after the tunnel!

And so, little by little passing through other small tunnels, fields of centuries-old olive trees and orchards of orange and lemon trees, we arrive by train at the final destination of the route: Soller.

At Soller Station, take the time to enjoy two fantastic exhibitions, displayed in the station itself, that are worth seeing. One exhibition is of paintings by Joan Miro, and the other is ceramics by Pablo Picasso. Both exhibitions can be visited for free. To finish we leave you with this video:

But nothing compares with being there and experiencing the live journey from one of the old carriages.

Combi Ticket: Soller train, tram and boat

As experts in Mallorca, one of our top recommendations to enjoy the best of the Sierra de Tramuntana is the combined ticket for the Sóller train. This ticket will allow you to enjoy a complete trip that includes the round trip wooden train, the tram and the boat to Sa Calobra.

There is no better way to experience the beauty of the Sierra de Tramuntana than through this exciting journey. The Sóller train will take you through picturesque mountainous landscapes, while the tram will take you through charming coastal towns and villages. Finally, the boat will take you to the beautiful beach of Sa Calobra.

And best of all, the price of the combined ticket is much cheaper than buying each ticket separately. So don’t wait any longer, get your combined ticket and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Sierra de Tramuntana!

Where do you catch the train from Palma to Soller?

The station in Palma where you catch the Soller train from is close to the ordinary service train station in the Plaza de España. On one side we have the intermodal station, and on the other side we have the building of the old wooden train that will take us to Soller. What a contrast! Get there early and enjoy having a look around the historic station before you board the train.

The Palma station building is relatively small, and has a room where there are the ticket booths, and which leads to the platform. Just by the platform there is a charming bar. At the foot of the platform we find a small museum, in what used to be an old railway garage. There is an exhibition of paintings, “50 landscapes of Mallorca”. Many of these paintings refer to the landscape that we will see during the journey on the train.

The start of the route Palma to Soller by train

Everything about this station makes you feel like you have gone back in time; not only the train with its wooden wagons and the platform, but also how the stationmaster with his whistle gives the order for the train to leave. Without a doubt, it is like travelling back to another era.

Car parking discount for passengers of the Soller train: when presenting your ticket for the trip on the train in the underground parking lot of the Plaza de España, you have 25% discount.

We hope this article has helped you to plan your trip on the Soller Train. If you have already ridden the train, did you like it? do you have any recommendations? Leave us your comment.

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