Snorkeling in Mallorca: the Best Places and Beaches

Snorkeling in Mallorca is one of the best activities on the island in summer. Mallorca has numerous beaches, coves, boat trips and excursions where you can enjoy snorkeling. Our team of local excursion experts from have created this article to give you advice on the best snorkeling spots and excursions in Mallorca.

snorkeling mallorca

What is snorkeling?

Surely you already know what snorkeling is, but basically, it is diving at surface level using a mask, tube (to breathe) and fins to swim easier and with less effort. In contrast with scuba diving, you don’t need any licences or qualifications, and it is ideal for all ages. You can snorkel by yourself, with having to go on an organised excursion, but you must bear some safety precautions in mind.

We have structured the article in this way, so you don’t miss anything:

The Best Snorkeling Tours in Mallorca

When you visit a new place, it is hard to know which are the best beaches and coves for snorkeling and you may want to join an organised activity to save yourself the time and research. Plus, some of the best snorkeling locations in Mallorca can only be reached by boat. Below we have made a list of some of the best snorkeling excursions in Palma de Mallorca and in Mallorca in general. We briefly explain what each activity consists of and, if you click on the link, you will be able to see in detail the prices, where it is carried out, and more information.

  • Malgrats Islands: One of the best snorkeling excursions in Mallorca. It takes place in small groups in the natural reserve of the Malgrats Islands. For an hour you can snorkel and see a multitude of fish, corals and the seabed of this nature reserve. All snorkel material, such as tubes, fins, mask and even a wetsuit is included during the activity. You, you only have to worry about bringing your towel and swimsuit.

  • Snorkel in virgin coves: In the eastern part of Mallorca near Porto Cristo, we take you where the coast is still virgin and full of rock formations. You’ll find caves and small inlets and other whims of nature, where you can enjoy this snorkeling activity discovering all kinds of fish, octopuses, sea urchins, small underwater caves and many more things.
snorkel mallorca
Snorkel in Mallorca
Boat excursions where to enjoy great snorkel
  • Blue Cave: It is not the Blue Cave of Cabrera, it is a much more beautiful cave, hardly known and in which you will find few people. Swim in and enjoy a unique sensation in its blue and green waters. Combine the route with spectacular landscapes and snorkel in a beautiful cove with a multitude of fish. In small groups of maximum 12 people.

  • Snorkel at Es Calo and its surroundings: The best boat trip in Alcudia in which you can see small caves, some of the most beautiful coves in the bay and enjoy snorkeling in a dream environment aboard one of the most modern boats in Alcudia.

  • Tour with snorkel and water activities: Are you looking for a fun tour, with excitement and adventure? Embark on one of the best boat tours in Magaluf in which you combine a speedboat route, with time in a beautiful cove to paddle surf, snorkel and try the super fun sea scooter. For small groups of no more than 12 people.

The Best Beaches and places for snorkeling in Mallorca

Mallorca has more than 500 kilometers of coastline, where you will find more than 300 beaches and coves. Among them, we have made a selection of those coves that we like the most for their conditions for snorkeling: seabed, transparent and calm waters, variety of marine fauna… We hope you like them.

Delta – Maioris

The beaches in this area are some of the most popular in the Bay of Palma for snorkeling, as there is a wide variety of conditions. You will be able to contemplate areas of rock and sand, with numerous fish and marine life. In addition, different natural pools are formed on the coast due to the irregular shape of the coast. The salt water enters with the waves, and forms these pools of different depths.

To get to this snorkeling area you can go to the Maioris urbanization, park your car near Mhares Sea Club, and from there take a path down to these beaches.

Cala Llamp

An ideal place to snorkel in Mallorca, thanks to its crystal clear waters and rocky seabed. It is located near Port de Andratx and it is very easy to get there, following the signs to Cala Llamp. When you reach a roundabout where the Club Folies is, there is a sign to go to the beach.

Cala Varques

On the east coast of Mallorca you will find a large number of coves ideal for snorkeling. Cala Varques is a virgin and isolated cove, which you can only reach on foot. In this Cala Varques article we tell you how to get there and everything you can do there, including information about snorkellng in Cala Varques.

The cove forms a small bay of white sand, in which the best places to snorkel are on the edges, near the rocks. You will even be able to find sea caves and a great stone arch that is spectacular.

Cala Llombards

This is another amazing cove, but is much easier to access. Cala Llombards is nestled between low rock cliffs. it has all the services of a beach and even parking by the beach.

The best area to snorkel at Cala Llombards is on the left side. From there, if you follow the coast, you will arrive at another small cove, a sea inlet with much marine life, and later, the famous rock of Es Pontas.

cala llombards
Cala Llombards

Cabrera Beaches

Undoubtedly, the best places in Mallorca to snorkel are those that are remote and isolated, away from overcrowding and undeveloped. Cabrera Island meets all these requirements, and has three unique beaches where you can snorkel. Thanks to being a national park, its waters are protected and it retains all its charm. Keep in mind that Cabrera’s beaches are rocky and sandy, so we recommend you wear water shoes.

To get from Mallorca to Cabrera Island, you need to take a boat, which you must book places for in advance due to the documents needed to enter this protected natural area. Find out more about how to get to Cabrera here.

Cala Tuent: one of the best places for snorkeling

Snorkel at Cala Tuent

Our next snorkel spot is in the Sierra de Tramuntana. Near the famous beach of Sa Calobra, we find the spectacular Cala Tuent. It is characterized by being a virgin and somewhat hidden cove, which however, is very easy to reach. The cove is made of pebbles, and its seabed is rocky and sandy; ideal for enjoying snorkeling to the fullest.

Cala Tuent has a restaurant, so a good day excursion could be this: take the boat to Cala Tuent, snorkel in the cove, eat paella (the speciality) at the restaurant and return by boat to Port de Soller.

Cala en Basset

We finish our list of recommended snorkeling spots in Mallorca with a small cove in the west of Mallorca. To get there you will have to walk about 30 minutes from the town of Sant Elm, but in return you will find a fascinating place to snorkel. Thanks to its proximity to the Dragonera Island nature reserve, there is a large amount of marine fauna, especially on the easternmost sides of the cove. You will be able to see many fish and even the occasional octopus.

Advice for snorkeling in Mallorca

The first thing is preparation, so it never hurts to take into account these tips to enjoy the best snorkeling in Mallorca experience:

  • Know how to swim: you do not need an expert swimming level, but it is important to know how to float, be used to the water and be able to move in it. This is as much for your safety as for your enjoyment.
  • Necessary equipment: do not go for the cheapest, try to have good equipment to be able to snorkel calmly, without worrying about letting in water and therefore getting into difficulty. We recommend a mask, tube and also fins (you can’t imagine the effort you save with fins).
  • Calm water: choose places for snorkeling with a calm sea, without waves or currents. Above all, avoid bad weather days. Follow advice of the lifeguard if there is one.
  • Clear waters: the clearer the water, the better visibility, which is the whole point of snorkeling: you want to be able to see what’s in the sea! Try to find seabeds where there is not only sand, but also rocks.
  • Be aware of conservation: do not touch anything or collect anything from the seabed, all of this is part of its own ecosystem in which fish and many more animals live. That thing about taking the starfish home, please don’t.
  • Control your breathing: if it is your first time snorkeling, it is important to know how to control your breathing in the water. Practice a little before.

Although snorkeling in Mallorca is relatively safe, it is a good idea to keep these basic tips in mind before you start, to ensure your own safety and enjoyment. There are also many organised snorkel excursions that you can join in Mallorca so that you don’t have to worry about choosing the best places yourself, plus you have a monitor to look after you.

We hope that all these suggestions have been helpful to you in planning your snorkeling activity in Mallorca. Have you already been snorkeling? Tell us what you liked the most, your favourite place and leave us your comment if you want to add information.

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